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I like DuPont for the plastics. I also like du Pont for the former governor of Delaware, Pete du Pont. Especially his endorsement of citizen initiative.

In a recent commentary Governor du Pont talked about Ohio and taxes. Now, don’t be shocked, but seems Ohio taxpayers are facing tax increases from the politicians. A recent budget increases the sales tax by 20 percent, as imposed by Governor Bob Taft and the Republican-controlled legislature. They call the increase temporary but you know what “temporary” means when used by politicians to describe taxes. Yes, that’s right. “Permanent.”

Ohio’s secretary of state, Ken Blackwell, initiated what they call an “initiated statute.” Ohioans won’t be able to simply post a measure on the ballot. They’ll have to do a two-step. First step: three percent of the number of voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election must sign a petition. This petition goes to the state legislature. The legislators will then hum and scratch their noses and decide either to accept or reject the petition. If they kill the initiated statute, voters get to go through the whole process again, second step this time to put the question on the ballot.

It’s a drawn-out process, yet even this much power to the people has the politicians angry. But as Pete du Pont says, “It is a good idea to have the referendum and let the people speak. When it comes to spending, legislatures are often on a planet of their own, and a return to reality is a helpful thing.” Yes. Very helpful.

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