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Many readers have said to me, it’s great that California voters kicked Governor Gray Davis out of office. But unless the policies change, California will still end up falling into the sea. Much as I agree with my own argument that it was virtually impossible for Californians to do worse than Davis, I certainly also agree that policies must change.

Many areas deserve attention, but one of the most important is the state’s attitude toward business. Inhospitable, to say the least. It’s time to reverse the political animosity toward earning a living and helping other people make a living. In an article for the magazine Ideas on Liberty , Steven Greenhut explains why so many businessmen are seeking greener pastures across state lines. He tells how Coast Converters, a plastic-bag manufacturer, had to shut its doors and flee to Nevada, where the company will be hailed rather than harried.

At a press conference, chairman Michael Greif said he didn’t want to leave California but that “as a businessman I have no choice. If I stay in California I will be subject to more punitive taxes and fees that will eventually force me to cut jobs. Instead our workers are moving with the factory to Nevada where I will save $800,000 annually in taxes, insurance, workers compensation, and onerous regulations.” Other businesses tell the same story.

Can Governor Schwarzenegger terminate the bad policies of the past? He can if he doesn’t allow the legislature to be the last word. First thing to do, take that veto pen out of cold storage.

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