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Let’s move on. Let’s get past this term limits thing and just keep in power the all-knowing oligarchs we have now. Such seems to be the message of one weary Oregon editorial writer. The piece is headlined “Term Limits Again?” That exasperated sigh with which the writer mutters the word “again” pertains to the fact that Oregonians had their term limits law ripped out from under them. It was thrown out by the courts. Yet, dagnabbit, “hard-core supporters” still want the term limits! Still believe in competitive democracy! What’s wrong with those victims of judicial banditry anyway?

The editorial writer misses all the allegedly wonderful experience term limits kicked out the door. He also blames the state’s budget problems on term limits. Even though they didn’t start taking effect in Oregon until 1998. Of course, wannabe perpetual rulers in Oregon were too worried about getting rid of term limits to deal with the budget. And the wildly unpopular tax hike “solution” was presented only after legislators had safely escaped term limits.

Many of the career politicians who had been around forever before term limits are still there passing laws and taxes. In fact, the term limits law didn’t even take full effect before it was scuttled. Oregonians have had plenty of experience with Oregon’s career politicians. Tax and spend, tax and spend yes, that is the familiar litany. And that is why citizens voted to pry open the democratic process a bit and give somebody else a chance.

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