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I guess these days breast-feeding is a crusade. Don’t get me wrong. As a matter of political philosophy, I’m neither for nor against breast-feeding. All I am saying is that it is not immoral per se to use baby formula to nourish your baby.

This seems to me a decision you might want to leave to the parents. Maybe even let the mom have the deciding vote. But this isn’t how the nanny state looks at these things. When I came across an article mentioning that in Norway it’s now illegal to advertise baby formula I thought it was shocking enough. But on the other hand I thought, Yeah, yeah, that’s just the kind of thing a nanny state would do.

Dennis Prager knows emotions come into play on this issue. He says that whenever he brings it up on his radio show, listeners berate him for even suggesting that baby formula might be okay. But he observes, “Virtually my entire generation of baby boomers was bottle-fed. Yet we are the healthiest generation in human history.”

Well, this subject can be debated on the basis of competing scientific studies, intuition, and just plain old common sense. Right here, right now, I’m not making any claim about the relative merits of breast-feeding versus baby formula. All I’m saying is, if mom wants to use baby formula instead of breast-feeding her baby, you better darn well let her use the baby formula. Moms must be catered to in every way. Especially recently-pregnant moms. Take it from a husband and father.

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