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Shouldn’t the law apply to everyone equally?

We can argue about what the law should be, or at what rate to tax, or whether a certain regulation is needed. But once public policy is made, it ought to apply to me if it applies to thee. And vice versa.

No special deals for the “politically well-connected.”

Unfortunately, this very American notion of fair play gets tossed in the trash can with alarming frequency.

It just happened recently in High Point, North Carolina. Two big companies, TransTech Pharma and PharmaCore, are staying in High Point and expanding from 125 employees to 330.

First, congratulations. That means more money in the local economy and more tax dollars. Sort of.

I say “sort of” because city government gave over $3 million dollars in so-called incentives to the companies. The state of North Carolina wrote the companies a grant check for $6.5 million  more.

In other words: special deals for the big wheels. At the expense of every other business. Every family.

Councilman Mike Pugh voted no to the incentives. “I know it’s vital to get new industries started and to have them in your city,” he told reporters, “but I don’t believe in extortion. When multimillion dollar companies come to us while small businesses are suffering and say, ‘Give us money or we’ll leave or we won’t come at all,’ well, I think sometimes you just have to call their bluff.”

My goodness, Mike, that’s good old-fashioned American common sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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