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Our discussions of government gone wild would be a lot more amusing if we didn’t have to actually live with the consequences. That we do tends to mitigate the uproarious hilarity of the politicians’ effervescent insanity.

Awhile back we might have offered a dismissive chuckle to the Big Brother-ish New York City policy of banning restaurants from using trans fat. Personally, I avoid trans fat, as more and more Americans are doing.

But what business is it of the government?

The state doesn’t pay my food bill or my medical bills. Though, some politicians sure would like to make taxpayers pick up the tab.

Now Mississippi Representatives W.T. Mayhall and John Read, Republicans, and Bobby Shows, a Democrat, have pushed nanny government to new heights. These nabobs have introduced legislation to tell restaurants who they may or may not serve. If passed, House Bill 282 would force restaurants to refuse to sell food to those deemed by the state health department to be obese.

I don’t have to explain that discrimination on the basis of race or gender or creed — or even percentage of body fat — is just plain wrong. Everybody knows this.

Everybody but politicians, it seems. So, here it is in terms even politicians might comprehend: Obesity is unhealthy. But in America we believe in individual freedom. In other words, it’s your life.

Moreover, forced discrimination is the opposite of freedom. And even more deadly than obesity.

And definitely not that funny.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Salt is used as a means of preserving food and to give flavor to food that would otherwise be unsavory.

    The real American people have been known as the “salt” of this earth.

    We need that salt to preserve our country and our freedoms as provided by the constitution and to give our lives quality and “flavor”,

    The reality is that it isn’t about salt or trans fat but about control.

  2. Linda says:

    Yes, this is about control and Big Brother, but just to clear up any vestige of claims that salt is bad for us. What the study showed is that 7% of THOSE WHO ARE HYPERTENSIVE (which most of us aren’t) benefited, in theory, from restricting salt intake. In practice, the salt restriction and vile taste of potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride raised their blood pressures worse than the putative benefit. I’m a rancher’s daughter and a rancher myself; things DIE without salt. Cattle and deer will walk twenty-five miles (repeat: 25 miles) to get to a salt lick.

  3. Trude Blomsoy says:

    Who keep voting these vile people in ? Poor New York, my former home,
    ruled by those who work under the
    motto ‘when nothing is reasonable
    nothing can be truly mad.’

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