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Rampant abuse of eminent domain by government! I’d be happy to drop the subject . . . which I’ll do just as soon as property rights are universally honored, held sacrosanct. Until then, well, you know what to expect from me.

What’s the latest? Harrison Sheppard’s article for California newspapers entitled “Eminent Domain: Land grab or tool to rebuild?” Ponder that headline for a minute or so before I tell you what’s funny about it. Not funny ha-ha.

Figured it out? Is eminent domain a “land grab” . . . or a “tool to rebuild”? If you’re waving your hand and saying, “Paul, Paul, isn’t it — can’t it be both?” — well, who can disagree? A tool to destroy, then “rebuild.”

Take any given motive a common mugger might have for lifting your wallet. Say he wants to pay a doctor’s bill. Now we have a newspaper headline that says: “Mugging: Wallet grab or tool to improve health?”

The reporter observes that acts of predation that defenders of property rights “call ‘abuse’” are called “necessary tools” for “economic rebirth of depressed areas” by government officials and developers. So, if you can’t afford to live in a castle, it’s OK for them to steal your home and force you to move to some other economically “depressed” area so legalized muggers may benefit?

At least the common mugger has the decency not to pretend he’s violating your rights for the Common Good.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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