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Have you ever read the Asbury Park Press? I’s a New Jersey paper.

A recent Press editorial advocates statewide initiative and referendum, currently enjoyed by only 24 states . . . none of which is New Jersey. The editorial notes that I&R has been often introduced in the state legislature only to die on the vine.

The paper says citizen initiative would “give citizens disenfranchised by political bosses, gerrymandered voting districts, uncompetitive elections and unresponsive public officials a direct say in state policy.” And that voters must demand this right if they wish to escape politics-as-usual in New Jersey.

The Asbury Park Press recently also carried a review of a book called The Soprano State, by Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure. The concluding chapter is entitled “The Soviet Socialist Republic of New Jersey.” Ouch!

According to the reviewer, the authors report in vivid and inescapably depressing detail how “œself-serving pols and their greedy cronies raid state and local treasuries and gang-rape the New Jersey taxpayer.” No, tell us what you really think!

They count 1,969 separate government entities in New Jersey with the power to levy taxes. Plenty of opportunity for overloaded payrolls, inflated contracts, no-show jobs for cronies, spiraling debt, and on and on.

How to trim leviathan? Aggressively pursue initiative and referendum.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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