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I’ve discussed the hazards of so-called “Real ID” before. What is it? It’s the regime of beefed-up driver’s licenses the federal government wants to impose, complete with biometrics and all-encompassing national database.

Will there be robust safeguards against snoopy bureaucrats, hackers, etc.? Well, dial up, plug in “identity theft cases per year” and “lost unencrypted laptop.” Some track record.

The details of a brave new world of national ID take time to master. Fortunately, some stalwarts out there have taken the time and are spreading the word.

One is Mark Lerner. Worried about ID security in the wake of 9/11, he thoroughly acquainted himself with tech industry attempts to beef up ID protocols.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

He learned that rampant problems with the new technology were being glossed over, test results fudged, policymakers and populace misled. He blew the whistle. Was ignored. Is still blowing the whistle.

Which is riskier: Easily compromised biometrics or practically impenetrable biometrics? Either way, it seems, there would be many ways to jeopardize our privacy and security under Real ID. Thanks to Lerner and other principled critics, at least a few states are refusing to implement the program. Thank goodness there may still be state legislators not bought off by the feds. Maybe we have a fighting chance to stop it.

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