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Honest people with income and bills know that it’s possible to cut spending.

We don’t always do it when we should. Sometimes we’re undisciplined. But we suffer costs for that lack of discipline. We suffer them directly—as individuals and as families.

In the world of government expenditure, however, it’s always other people’s money being spent or misspent. And the people willing to pick our pockets don’t suffer any direct costs from squandering the funds.

From this lack of incentive or scruple they derive a theory —  that there’s no way to cut government spending. They’d prefer not to, it’s a bother. So it’s mission impossible.

California lawmakers love this theory. Seems tax revenues are declining of late. Something about a weak economy. State Senator Denise Ducheny advises voters that the state’s budget deficit has now climbed to $14 billion. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says: “The problem is so severe that we don’t have a choice but to raise taxes.”

Right. No choice but to weaken the economy even further. Make it even harder for people to pay their bills.

We’re hearing similar assertions in response to any tax-cut proposals being made in the presidential campaign. Impossible to shave more than a buck or two from federal spending. So how can we cut taxes? What a quandary.

According to my own theory, it’s easy to cut government spending. Use scissors.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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