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The very ground beneath our feet can betray us. When that happens, good people rally together. This happened recently in China.

Amidst the wreckage, death, and misery resulting from the recent earthquake, we now witness  astonishing outpourings of aid.

I do not refer to the usual worldwide relief efforts. I refer to something far more momentous: Charity from the Chinese themselves.

The Chinese people have not been known for such activity in the past. Tragedies happen there with a sort of dull regularity. And the quiet indifference of the masses of Chinese people has been the typical response.

Not this time.

The Chinese have rallied as never before, supplying physical aid in terms of action, transportation, food and medicine, and spiritual aid in countless other ways.

The level of charity may be new for China, but it is not unprecedented.

The precedent?


What is common in our country is not exactly common in the world. Oh, it does happen; Europeans, for instance, give too. But an amazing amount of Europe’s giving is “government giving.” In America, it is our people who give. Out of compassion, and privately, not just from our taxes.

What has happened in China to make the difference? Newfound wealth. Significant tastes of freedom.

It’s not magic. It may be simple economics.

But simplicity aside, it’s inspiring, and gives us renewed hope for China.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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