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We’ve got a mole in the U.S. Congress.

Not a foreign agent trying to undermine the American way of life. We’ve got plenty of homegrown politicians doing that already.

No, it’s a congressman who actually opposes porkbarrel spending. Now, a few others there also combat the regime of pay-for-play earmarks, of course — too few. But this guy sounds like he’s reading a script I dictated myself. It ain’t so. But gosh, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments.

It’s Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona. His comments were picked up by C-Span and transcribed at their web site. Shadegg points out how darn corrupting the process has become.

The degree of tawdry mutual back-scratching can vary. But what is happening more and more is that congressmen are creating their own corporations. Staffing these corporations with relatives and pals. And then using the secretive earmark process to send funds to this entity. Everybody wins. The congressman and the cronies do, anyway.

Taxpayers lose in at least two ways. They’re losing money. And their purported representative is violating their trust. The Constitution of course is going out the window. There’s nothing in there about how congressmen may randomly lather their associates with taxpayer dough.

All done without any open debate, any clear public disclosure before the money is appropriated. Shadegg thinks it’s contemptible.

Mr. Congressman, when you’re right, you’re right.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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