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One thing about toddler Mikolaj Sobolewski: He sure shows initiative.

The three-year-old Polish boy unlocked the front door to his home by himself, took the bus to the airport by himself, and apparently expected to board a plane.

Police found him at the airport and returned him to his parents, who, of course, were quite relieved. The police say there is “no suggestion of negligence on their part.” The kid just found his chance and took it.

It seems Mikolaj’s mom works near an airport in Warsaw and the boy had seen a lot of planes flying past her office. He wanted to see what it was like to be on one. He’d done enough dreaming about it, I guess, and decided to just do it.

Mikolaj made a mistake. He didn’t have enough information about how to fulfill his desire. He didn’t give enough thought to how his parents would feel when they found him missing. I know I’d have been worried sick if one of my own children at age three pulled the same disappearing act.

You might say that young Mikolaj has some growing up to do. All the same, we’ve got to give the boy credit for spunk, don’t we?

Write that name down and see if we hear about him again in twenty or thirty years. Mikolaj Sobolewski.

I don’t think he’ll grow up to be a bureaucrat.

Here’s hoping you and your kids have a great summer. Keep track of each other. And happy flying!

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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