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Terrorism still vexes Europe, and seems unavoidable in Middle East hot spots. But since 9/11, thank goodness, there’s been no domestic terrorism in the United States.

But what do we say when we see a story about a terrorist attack on U.S. soil?

Let’s qualify the statement: There’s been no successful Al Qaeda-masterminded terrorist attack in America since September 11, 2001. But we do have thugs here who try to achieve political ends through terror.

Consider animal rights activists who do much more than advocate being kind to kittens. That is, consider animal activists who blow things up. A group called the Animal Liberation Front, or ALF, just “claimed responsibility” & “accepted blame” for torching an empty van on the campus of UCLA.

The chancellor of UCLA, Gene Block, says that with this assault, directed at property and individuals “not associated with animal research,” the activists have crossed a line.

Block seems to assume that the animal rights terrorists have done something worse now than when they’re torching a lab where animal experiments are taking place. Or, for that matter, a McDonald’s where hamburger-eating takes place. To me it all seems equally – seriously – criminal.

Oh, these cuddly activists don’t usually try to murder people. But if and when they do, they’ll have the same anti-human excuses for it. Excuses that will make as little sense then as they do now.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor

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  1. Animal rights groups and eco-friendly groups have been known for their acts of terrorism on US soil. Their planned attacks have been on the US news media, and outdoor majority would like a peaceful resolution, there are those that take the law into their own hands. Often, bombings become terrorism acts of choice.

    Thanks for bringing this issue into the light. Since 9/11, terrorism has been always debated. I know there hasn’t been a day that the press, TV, and radio have not talked about terrorism. Majority of the time they speak of terrorism that is going on globally, with emphasis on countries like Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. However, United States has its own problems, on its own soil. there are terrorists in a form of groups and an autonomous terrorist, like the Unabomber, who perpetrate terrorist acts and create mass panic.

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