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One of the two major-party presidential candidates had taken to calling the other one “Dr. No,” for saying “no” to new oil drilling . . . until the so-called “Dr. No” sorta/kinda said Yes.

You may recall that “Dr. No” is the name of a James Bond villain. That moniker had already been awarded to another political figure, an actual doctor, Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul votes “No” to any legislation that he believes flunks the test of constitutionality.

But there’s another Dr. No in Congress, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, also a physician. He’s not as radical as Congressman Paul, but he’s certainly a thorn in the side of his free-spending senatorial colleagues.

Senator Coburn has placed many so-called “holds” on bills that would have passed by hurried voice vote. Other senators have exploited this same rule, but not as prolifically as Coburn — who is relatively new to the Senate but has enough initiative to study up on Senate procedures.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, recently tried to thwart Coburn by folding all the legislation he has blocked into one omnibus bill. The Republicans, perhaps shamed by Coburn’s insistence that legislation be considered thoughtfully rather than just flung into law, actually stuck by Coburn. Reid lost.

Coburn says he’s not a go-along, get-along guy when he thinks his colleagues are going the wrong way.

Sometimes “No” is the best medicine, especially in Congress.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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