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Which major party works behind the scenes, illegally, to scuttle democratic processes? Well, consider Pennsylvania.

Ralph Nader has an $81,000 judgment against him, to pay off the legal costs of those who challenged his campaign in 2004. In early August, Nader petitioned the state Commonwealth Court to overturn that judgment, saying the whole thing was orchestrated — illegally — by Democratic legislators and aides in the State House. Conspiracy, he says.

He may have a case. In July, the state attorney general’s office filed criminal charges against a dozen people connected with the House Democratic caucus. Soon we’ll see how good the evidence for conspiracy is.

But don’t think it’s just Democrats who’d do nearly anything to keep a competitor off the ballot. This year, the chair of the Cumberland County Republican Party, an attorney, is suing the Libertarian Party for putting up former congressman Bob Barr as its presidential nominee. You see, when Pennsylvanians signed the petition, another name was on it. A paper candidate.

The plaintiff calls this fraud. Of all things.

Of course, since this minor party hadn’t held its national convention yet, the placeholder candidate was just a pro forma thing, to comply with an idiotic ballot access law that should be ruled unconstitutional anyway.

Yes, folks, the people who run both major parties look at election laws pretty much like the Borgias looked at pharmacology: Something to use to bump off the opposition.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Dan H. says:

    You are certainly correct when you say that neither party can claim that it is pure and God is on its side. But that misses the point that most vote fraud occurs in big cities and most big cities are controlled by Democrats. Reality is difficult to dispute.

  2. Chuck McCoy says:

    Its even worse in the “Commonwealth” of Virginia! There is no way to get a name on a ballot for President if you are not a registered member of one to the two major parties. In effect a third party candidate can not appear on the ballot. The laws as written assume there are only two parties, Democrat and Republican.

  3. Charlie Klein says:

    TIME FOR A LAW SUIT. Against the two illegal monopolies, Congress and et-al. For making laws that deny, or make it impossible for the average American citizen to run for office.

    No person should have to pay a fee of over $500.00 to run for office.

    It is time to correct the wrongs of Congress’s past and present. It is time to end EArmarks and Pork and Corruption.

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