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Political bullies often try to disguise or play down their intimidation. They’re not as blunt as playground bullies.

One exception is Tom Matzzie, a left-wing political activist heading up a new group called Accountable America.

The group’s goal is to bully major contributors to conservative campaigns. It’s been sending “warning” letters to such donors, threatening them with smears and legal harassment. Matzzie brags that he’s “going for the jugular.”

Example: On the Accountable America website, a donor is attacked for contributing to Tom Delay’s PACs in 2001 and 2002, noting that Delay was indicted in 2005. Guilt by association, you see — except there isn’t even any guilt. Delay hasn’t been convicted. Moreover, no legal or ethical questions have even been raised about this donor’s gifts.

Mattzie’s activities remind us of the value of anonymity, which can protect contributors to political groups from being subjected to such vindictive harassment.

I read that Accountable America doesn’t have to reveal its donors. And doesn’t. Gee whiz, whatever could they be afraid of?

Mattzie’s group is not alone in its attempt to muzzle political opponents and squelch political discourse. Groups like By Any Means Necessary and the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center invite supporters to harass people circulating petitions they don’t like.

I feel their pain. Two citizen activists and I are being threatened with prison time for having the gall to support an Oklahoma ballot initiative. Visit the Free Paul Jacob website for details.

Yep, lot of bullies out there.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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