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Restaurants in some towns are now being forced to stop using trans fats. According to the latest biochemistry, trans fats are bad for you.

No doubt. Many foodstuffs are bad for you, can even kill you, at least in the long run. Maybe — if you eat too much of them, exercise too little, and don’t get flattened by a Mack truck before your vessels clog.

But what business is it of anyone in government what risks I take to enjoy my candy bar? And if it’s kosher to ban restaurants from using trans fats, what’s next, outlawing sugar, grease, and fast food?

Outlawing fast food? McDonald’s will always be with us.

Except in South Los Angeles, where a town council has just passed a year-long moratorium on new fast-food restaurants.

And so yesterday’s argument from absurdity becomes today’s compromise and tomorrow’s legislation. South LA is not facing an outright ban on fast food. But what the  nutritional tyrants are doing there comes close. And nudges us closer to the outright prohibition they would prefer. They just don’t want individuals to make their own choices about what food to eat or restaurants to patronize.

What’s next, a moratorium on . . . well, let’s not give these guys any more ideas, even absurd ones. What we can conceive as idiotic they can spiff up as policy. And somehow not laugh.

But then, I’m not laughing now, either.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Goldjason08 says:

    Here we are so obsessed with trans fat in burgers. Oh, those high priests of health and medicine !

    What about the numerous drugs the pharmaceutical companies are putting out e.g NSAIDs, heart drugs , chemotheraphy drugs. In many instances it doese more harm than good but continues to be prescribed because “doctor knows best”. Today there are just as many people who die from the side effects of these drugs they were prescribed instead of the disease especially cancer patients.
    Give me a break !

  2. Jerold Radway says:

    My sentiments exactly. I would urge a related topic calling on those in Congress who support the global Warming is caused by CO2 nonsense to lead the way by example. For instance if all 495 members and staffs eliminated any warm blooded pets, there would be a significant reduction in emitted CO2. Better yet, the members could personally reduce their own emissions by breatHing less often

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  4. Maggie Kohls says:

    The LA ban is protect poor people from fast food restaurants. What this means is that poor people will not be able to eat out at all.

  5. Bob Dohrman says:

    GOOD GRIEF! Maybe “Demolition Man” was right! Will TACO BELL win the “Fast Food Wars!?”
    WILL THEY STUFF “Jack” back in the BOX?!
    Here come the FOOD POLICE!! REALLY!!
    George Orwell was only off by 24 Years!

  6. Jim Hays says:

    Transfats are largely suspect in the increase of LUPIS. I you wish to take the risk, bask in your ignorance. You might not have known this, many do not. The Gov’t should make everyone aware before they legislate.

  7. Janice Axon says:

    I’m not surprised. When the ‘witch hunt’on smoking escalated beyond common sense to banning it in one’s own residence and/or automobile, I predicted that they would soon turn to regulating what and where we eat.

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