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One of the two major-party candidates for president is black, the other white.

Obviously, there is much more to say about them. We can talk about their ideas, character, experience, communication skills. Presumably, conscientious voters will choose the person they think can best do the job — regardless of race.

Not so, says Jacob Weisberg of According to Weisberg, given the collapse of the Republicans and the weak economy, everything is stacked in favor of Barack Obama. Therefore, if Obama loses the election, only racism could explain it.

Weisberg offers no coherent argument. He simply asserts that Obama has vastly more advantages than liabilities, while with McCain it’s vice versa. So the right choice is transparently obvious.

And hey, even if you disagree with Obama’s policy prescriptions, at least they’re “serious attempts” to deal with big problems. It doesn’t seem to occur to Weisberg that the “seriousness” of a proposed policy is not what makes it right or wrong. Or that a voter might reasonably consider the actual content of a proposal.

Of course, some voters might reject Obama out of racism. But it’s not self-evident that “racism is the only reason McCain might beat him.”

And would it not be racist, condescending, unjust, and downright stupid for us voters to treat a black man’s qualifications for the job of president as irrelevant, just to prove we’re not racist?

To his credit, Mr. Obama would expect more of us than that.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Justagator says:

    So if Obama loses it is because of race. How about if he wins its because of his race? How about all the bleeding heart liberals that think it is just wonderful an African American can get elected regardless of his far left political beliefs. If Obama loses it will be because of his liberalism and lack to relating to mainstream Americans. Stay tuned…

  2. JuliBMe says:

    This is precisely what the MSM is gearing up to do. Declare racism defeated Obama when (not if) he loses. They seem to be too arrogant to see that their very liberal/socialist/Marxist policies and opinions are what America rejects. The “bitter klingers” will be cast as a bunch of racists come November 5th. It will be ugly and they will continue to alienate the heart and soul of this country. In the long run, it may lead to the demise of the MSM. Good riddance. Now, if John McCain would actually get on message and pound home to the uninformed of this country who actually caused most of the problems of this financial “crisis” (see the C-Span YouTube video, we would be talking landslide on November 4th. Then they can call us racists all they want.

  3. Shirley McMunn says:

    Obama is not African – just a tiney bit! His dark skin half is mostly Arab but he doesn’t tell you that. (read Obama Unmasked) And that is just one of his many, many lies!

  4. Shirley McMunn says:

    oops got an e in tiny!
    Unmasked is by Floyd Brown and Lee Troxler. Obama is extrenely dangerous! George Soros and Geffen and the hollywood lame brains are pulling the strings.

  5. […] Action/Racial Quota ticket. Now, if that’s not blatant racism, what is? As Paul Jacob said in a recent Common Sense episode (no, I didn’t listen, but I read the transcript*): …would it not be racist, […]

  6. Eric Tubbs says:

    Racism is certain to play a role in this election, but not the way the left sees it. 90% of black voters will vote for Obama simply because he is black. If the presidential race is close and Obama wins, racism may make Obama the winner.

  7. I don’t think anyone should feel they have to vote for Obama in order to prove to themselves or anyone else that they aren’t racist. But it will be hard to see what kept him from winning if McCain beats him, given that the Republicans have left us with a bit of a mess after 8 years, and McCain doesn’t seem to be promising much change. We don’t tend to be masochists in America, but we do have racists.

  8. Pete Budding says:

    The news media and the liberals will soon be bombarding the electorate, particularly the white electorate with
    the admonition that they should not cast a ballot against Barrack Obama because he is black, as this would be discrimination. But will they admonish the black electorate not to cast a ballot for him simply because he is black, which would also be discrimination.

    Probably not, because they really do not believe in Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech”. King stated “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. If we really believe those words, we will probably cast our ballot for Obama’s opponent

    John McCain’s character has been proven throughout his lifetime. From the prison in Vietnam to the halls of congress he has established a reputation for outstanding courage and putting the interests of the United States above his party or his own interests.

    Unfortunately, Barrack Obama’s character is still an unknown and has yet to be determined by the electorate. He has not been tried under the grueling conditions of war and he has not established a record in congress.

    Hopefully the electorate will heed Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” not that a black should be elected, but that the individual with the best character will become our next President.

    Pete Budding

  9. Mindy Friend says:

    Obama is one of the biggest racists around. He is as much white as he is black, yet he chooses to run and represent himself as a black man. Not a white, not even, what he really is, mixed. He, himself, has made derogatoy comments about “his mother’s race”. Yet everyone pulls out the “race” card any time anyone disagrees with him. The man can not be trusted. He has slammed both whites and the U.S. in his own books. I don’t know what his motives are, but the betterment of our country is not it.

  10. Yeah, That’s It–It’s Racism!…

    The liberals (Democrats) are preparing things so when they lose, they can blame it on “racism (or they think they can get people to vote for him to avoid being called “racist”).” Of course, there is no OTHER reason not to elect Barack Obama, is……

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