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Interior design: Most homeowners wing it, but a few call in the professionals.

Regulation of interior design: Most states just let our nation’s Graces freely contract with willing Wills. But a significant number of states, including Oklahoma and Connecticut, regulate these designing women and men.

Why? Have you heard a horrified outcry of Upton Sinclairesque proportions? I sure haven’t. I’m sure old Upton would have cooked up some story, if it had crossed his mind. He believed in regulating everything. He hated free enterprise, enough to lie for his cause.

So, who hates freedom of contract enough to regulate the industry?

Why, the industry itself!

A study released last year by the Institute for Justice shows that one group of interior designers, the American Society of Interior Designers, has been pushing regulation for years. Why? For one clear reason: to clear out the competition.

On the bright — or at least pastel — side, the group hasn’t been all that successful recently. So the group has raised its membership fees, redoubled lobbying efforts.

In response, a competing group, the Interior Design Protection Council, joined with the Institute for Justice to declare the month just passed, September, as Interior Design Freedom Month.

It’s too late to celebrate. But — wait a second — shouldn’t every month be Interior Design Freedom Month?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Merri Cvetan says:

    One of the arguments for regulating interior designers is to protect clients. From what, I’m not sure. Ugly paint? Misplaced furniture? Kitchen not designed in the triangle layout? I have a degree in interior design and I work with my clients to create a home that is perfect for them. People are smart. They know how to ask the right questions and hire a designer who is the right fit. As far as I know, lives have not been lost because the sofa is on back order!

  2. seth hubbard says:

    a monopoly is still bad for every one….
    honestly any one CAN do interior design. But if you want to get paid for it, thats where the man comes in.
    and the man does mafia up the works a bit, oddly enough.
    if ya dont know what I mean then jus open yer eyes a liddle wider, an wake up.

  3. Dunscotis says:

    A good look at the incredibly poor taste shown in Soviet architectural design informs us what happens wnen design standards are set by those whose only claim to fame is their own bureaucratic advancement. Ask yourself this question: would you prefer to be married to a spouse who met some minimum Federal esthetic standard or simply a spouse of you own choosing?

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