The Crime of Being Robbed


Here’s one way to reduce your crime statistics: jail victims who report crime.

That’s the latest method of crime-stopping in Shreveport, Louisiana. Starting October 15, gas station owners and even attendees will be culpable if a thief gases up and drives away without paying. Owners and employees will face fines and even jail time. The reasoning is that they are partly “responsible” for the crime by not requiring all customers to pre-pay.

I can’t say it’s the dumbest law out there because, well, there are so many dumb laws. It’s a very competitive field.

Councilman Monty Walford, who voted against the new ordinance, wonders whether the city will now require that grocery customers give a deposit before entering the store.

Police Chief Henry Whitehorn came up with the idea of penalizing Shreveport gas stations when drivers rob them. Whitehorn babbles that it’s a crime prevention measure. Station owners protest that it’s more customer-friendly to let customers pay after gassing up. In any case, how they conduct business is, obviously, their own business.

All kinds of mandatory restrictions on ways of doing business might “prevent crime.” How about forcing shop owners to force customers to crawl through a concrete maze before reaching the shelves . . . then submit to strip searches as they leave? Sure, such a law would be costly, but it would “prevent crime.”

Except for the crime of the law itself.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Oct

    Don’t give them any more ideas…someone, somewhere will think that’s a good one.

  2. Oct

    Let me see… If a family somehow doesn’t pay its taxes, then the children are forbidden to go to school. That means that either the kids roam the streets getting into ttouble or one parent (the only parent?) has to stay home and take care of the kids so they go only welfare until they are evicted. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions – not bad ones!@

  3. Oct
    seth hubbard

    goodbye freedom, goodbye…
    since when did cops start taking business classes? oh, that’s right, they are just dicks. its their job to SERVE and PROTECT, not make up fascist rules of business.
    now attendants every where will live in fear, and thieves will go un-punished… hmmm… anyone need gas? get it for free in shreveport.

  4. Oct
    Brian Norton

    Hi Paul, you forgot to mention the unintended consequence of this stupidity, in that station owners will be more afraid of the cops than of the robbers, so every time somebody drives off without paying, they will eat the cost of the gas rather than risk a fine and jail time. Criminal nirvana! I don’t think hardly anybody still understands the concepts of personal responsibility and freedom, let alone common sense, any more.

  5. Oct

    Dunscotis, why would a family have to go on welfare if only one parent worked? How did you make that leap?

  6. Oct

    Using that “logic”, we could stop all shoplifting if stores just made customers order from a catalog while an employee picks the items up for them. How much do you think prices will go up by doing this? I guess it will create more jobs though.

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