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It’s a dirty job, kicking voters in the teeth. But somebody’s gotta do it.

I speak of the craven marionettes of the New York City Council, complaining how tough it is to abet Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s assault on democracy. Bloomberg demanded a third term in office. He pulled strings.

Polls show that voters like the two-term limit that they twice endorsed at the ballot box. So instead of asking voters to change their minds, city politicians connived to ignore them.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn explained that ignoring voters is demanded by these hard times. Weakening term limits is a “vote and a choice” that is “a difficult one,” but you know, the city is now, she says, “facing the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.” Ergo voters must be treated like chopped liver. Sequitur, meet non. Non sequitur.

Councilman Simcha Felder concurs.

“Before us today is a very difficult decision, and one which we have been elected to make,” Felder told his colleagues.

You see, voters elected Felder to ignore the voters and keep himself in power longer against their wishes. So what else could he do? Why oh why can’t the stupid voters protesting this unilateral overthrow of term limits understand this?

The poor politicians. Nobody understands how tough they have it, serving their narrow political self-interest and sticking it to the citizenry. It is the weight of the world.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Ken Howes says:

    Basically, if Felder has done this before, or if he is re-elected after this, then the people HAVE elected him to ignore their wishes, just as the people of Massachusetts regularly re-elect senators and representatives who vote to gut initiative petitions they have passed.

    What the voters are saying by re-electing people who treat them like that is, “Well, the initiative petition is what we think, but you know better than we, so we approve of your disregard of our votes.” They could turn these scoundrels out; they choose not to.

    Of course, to turn them out would be to cast aside the basic mantra of all Americans who aren’t Republicans: “Republicans are the party of the rich; DEMOCRATS ARE FOR THE LITTLE GUY!” They just about say it in their sleep, and you can’t dissuade them from that.

  2. Rubicon says:

    If Republicans are the party of the rich, why are so many extremely wealthy people backing Democrats & especially Obama with hundreds of millions of direct & indirect dollars? The truth is, Democrats have become the party of the wealthy leftist rich.
    If McCain wins this election based on the voting fraud & utter disregard for voters universally around the nation for almost all elected offices, it will be a miracle. If Democrats fail to win a super majority in the US Senate, it will be another miracle. If Democrats fail to win even more seats in the US House it will be still another miracle.
    Based on ACORN, Project Vote, & numerous other leftist organizations all doing everything they can for Obama & Democrats, it is nearly impossible for Obama to lose the presidency, for Democrats to fail to gain control of the US Senate or the US House.
    Our election has been bought & this nation will pay dearly for it over at least the next four years.
    Those saying they want to pay higher taxes, are shoveling bull.
    Not only has Warren Buffet made money during this financial crisis, he will make even more during the rest of our hard times. In addition, Buffet has at least twenty years worth of tax credits exempting him from paying any taxes at all during that time. When he says he should pay more, he is mocking the citizens of America since he knows he will pay NO taxes anyway. One can almost bet the same is true for all the others claiming they want to [pay more taxes.
    I say, if they want to or ever wanted to pay more taxes, to be fair, all they ever needed to do was send in checks for additional money to the US Treasury each year.
    I think one could make a sure bet that NONE of them has ever sent in ANY additional money. None of them has ever paid more than what they are legally required to pay in taxes & it is fair to say most of them seek out & use a multitude of tax exemptions & credits, shelters & other means to avoid paying any taxes at all.
    If we ever could examine just how much these wealthy do gooders pay or have paid, we would find they have avoided hundreds of millions, while average Americans have really footed the entire bill.

  3. Ignoring the Voters…

    New Yorkers liked the idea of term limits so much they TWICE voted for it. So when Mayor Bloomberg wanted another term, he got the Council to ignore the voters and allow him (and themselves) to run again. He seems to think he is the only one who can……

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