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A clear majority of American voters — of all races — voted for Barack Obama. They now celebrate his victory.

Me? Not so much.

Oh, I like Obama’s talk about there not being red states and blue states, urging that we get past partisanship. I just don’t recall him ever bucking his own party.

I like that he talks about reviewing all government programs and ending those that don’t work, expanding those that do. But, after several years in Washington, he’s yet to name the first program he’d scrap. Don’t hold your breath now.

I like his bashing of the corrupt insider games in Washington. And then I see that those around him are insiders who have been running government for decades.

So, I’m still counting on you to save our country. Not Obama.

Yet, the election of a black man to the presidency does seem a fitting time to celebrate just how far we have come, and, moreover, to say thanks to those who risked so much to obtain equal rights and justice.

Let’s hear it for equal rights and justice!

Even in my short 48 years in this great country, I can recall a different day and time. Then, Americans lived in fear over the issue of race; then, black Americans could hardly be said to live in freedom.

We can rejoice in leaving that past far behind — whether we voted for the candidate who to some symbolizes it, or not.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Donovan says:

    Don’t worry Paul, We Are Change is going to bring real change, as for Obama, well at best he won’t do anything, at worst, hail the United Soviet States of America…

  2. John D. Goodman says:

    What we are celebrating, in truth, is media induced ignorance corrupting the voting process in America. It has nothing to do with race. We have not progressed in this election but have regressed into a democracy driven by the ignorant, not a republic driven by the informed. America is in deep peril.

  3. Lyle R. Rolfe says:

    Paul, I agree with what you say, but I’m getting very tired of seeing his face along with his family’s face on the cover of every magazine in the rack plus constant photos and stories about him in every page of the Chicago Tribune (which helped elect him), plus giant photos of him on page one several days each week. Now they’re saying 3 million people for his inauguration? Why? This is not God, This is a half white-half black man who happened to get enough votes to become our next president. When is the media going to realize this fact and stop making news instead of reporting what is actually news? Others certainly must feel the same way. Why can’t we get through to the media? ANd yes he is bringing us change–change back to the days of Clinton. I don’t think that’s the change we were promised.

  4. Hank G says:

    Don’t forget what Ken Hamblin said years ago about black type government-“Show me one place blacks ruled that isn’t a cesspool of corruption” or words to that effect.

    By the way, Ken is so black he makes the old style telephones look white. But he does speak English instead of thie patois you hear on the streets nowadays.

  5. Dunscotis says:

    I can only hope and pray the change we see in the offing will be change for the good of all Americans. I served a full career in the Navy including six tours in Vietnam. The men and women I served with were of all races and cfeeds and we all wore Navy blue. What took the rest of America so long to realize that we were all Americans?

  6. G Hadley says:

    We will really show that we have come a long way towards equality when we elect an openly homosexual person and its married same-sex partner to share the White House. I am old enough that I can hope I will be dead before this form of equality happens.

  7. James A. Bateman says:

    His birth place has never been proved to be in the U.S.A. He was coached by a radical extremist in his early years. He became the recipient of help from the most corrupt political machine in this nation. His record in the Illinois Senate was lackluster at best and truly negative at the worst. He is an associate and family friend of a known terrorist. He listened to vindictive and anti-American rants from the pulpit of a so-called minister for twenty years reporting that he never heard the diatribes and hate filled messages. He is without true accomplishments in his life. His first book as contracted to be a study of racism in America but he wrote only about himself. He has lived off bogus claims which would, in his own distorted view, distinguish him as a true American leader. He is hesitant to proclaim without any doubt that he celebrates this nation as the greatest in the history of mankind. He says he does not wish to offend anyone and therefore shuns the most insignificant signs of patriotism. He tells half truths and expects us to believe all that he says. He is therefore not the man to lead this country from the White House. Celebrate him? I shall never accept him at his word and shall work tirelessly during his term to help counter the socialist aims he clearly wishes to install upon our economy.

    His election by the popular vote proves Abe Lincoln’s addage that “you can fool most of the people some of the time.” This is one of those times that too many Americans voted for a charlatan based upon surface perceptions which did not reveal the true nature of the person and his aims. He deserves nothing but contempt by all right thinking Americans regardless of his office which he shall discredit by his very presence. Power and its acquisiton are all that the man is made of and interested in. He is certainly not a “man of the people.”

    My only comfort comes from the words of Samuel Adams, a true revolutionary, who (as you know), spoke truth in saying: “It does not require a majority to prevail but rather an irate and tireless minorty keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

    Obama will never measure up to those timeless truths.

    James A. Bateman

  8. W Harper says:

    Yes, but the fly in the ointment is that Obama has at least four years (and probably only four years), but every member of the House will be up for reelection in 2010, as will 34 senators.

    You will remember how that worked out for Clinton: he promised everything to everybody, then once elected, promptly dismissed all his campaign promises and set his sites on “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” for gays in the military, a strategy that thrilled about 38 people. HillaryCare, done illegally behind closed doors, finished the job. Then came the mid-terms in ’04. “Those who don’t remember history…”

    If Obama gets too far from the middle, he must remember: the first rule of a politician is to get reelected.

    Plus, the dem strategy has been to look for dem candidates that act more or less like republicans, eg, Christian gun owners, so these dems have got to stay pretty mainstream…or enjoy their one term in the House.

    Obama’s sole accomplishment is to excel at being a motivational speaker. He’s done it for about two years straight.

    Remember when Carter was monosyllabic during his campaign, then began reeling off paragraphs filled with $2 words (to hide the lack of content)? “Change You Can Believe In,” “Yes, We Can,” and “Hope” have about run their course. What’s next? More of Carter’s circumlocution?

    I note that the Muslims that were so gung-ho about Obama decided to seem “unfriendly” to Obama… about 5 minutes after he’s elected.

    Is this a case of good cop/bad cop, or more to the point, good Muslim/bad Muslim? There’s an odor here. I’d like to think it’s the Muslim terrorists, but…

    If Israel doesn’t take a swipe at Iran while Bush is still in office to provide American military support in taking out a common enemy, they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer. As a Christian, I support Israel. But if they don’t act in their own best interests, they’re too stupid to support.

    If they wait for Obama to back ’em up, I can see the mushroom cloud over Israel as the lead photo on Drudge Report.

  9. Ray Thomas says:

    Obama talks a good game, but you can count on the fact he won’t “walk the walk.” The only thing I’ve heard him say that is true is that he wants to “spread the wealth.” He SAYS he won’t raise taxes, but I expect him any time, like Clinton did, to announce that “I’ve worked harder than ever before but I can’t find a single tax I can lower. Then he will predictably RAISE out taxes. He’s ALREADY done it, under the table, under other names.

  10. Bob Hawkins says:

    Obama was not several yersa in Washington — it was several weeks.
    Also L.R. Rolfe is wrong. I understand he had a black grandmother. This would make him 1/2 white, 1/4 black and 1/4 Arabian.

  11. Bob Hawkins says:

    Obama was not several years in Washington — it was several weeks.
    Also L.R. Rolfe is wrong. I understand he had a black grandmother. This would make him 1/2 white, 1/4 black and 1/4 Arabian.

  12. David S. McQueen says:

    Obama wasn’t elected because he was the best man for the job. Obama was elected because he was the best black man for the job.

    It allowed the blacks to feel empowered and the guilty white racists to feel morally redeemed.

    So much for the “vote”. Remember how many women were interviewed in 1992 who claimed they voted for Clinton because he was better looking than Bush?

    Not everyone votes because of political ideology.

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