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Former Vice President Al Gore wants a “purpose-driven Web.”

See, cyberspace isn’t purpose-driven . . . yet. It only helps us access all the information in the world, communicate instantly at no cost with people on the other side of the globe, find true love, shop, download books and movies and lectures, elect presidents, refute environmentalist alarmism, save lives, and other such trivia.

A New York Times article reports that in Al Gore’s view, “we” haven’t done enough to spread his vision of the imminent doom of the earth.

Gore can’t be held accountable for anybody else’s understanding of his views, of course. So let’s find a direct quote from this article about how “we” must do more with the Web than just trade party photos on Facebook.

According to Gore, speaking at an Internet conference in San Francisco, “Web 2.0 has to have a purpose.”

What purpose?

Nothing less, he declares, than “bring[ing] about a higher level of consciousness about our planet and the imminent danger and opportunity we face because of the radical transformation in the relationship between human beings and the Earth.”

Sounds quite grand, as long you don’t try to divine what the words actually mean.

In my online world, individual lives and individual purposes matter quite a lot, despite a lack of overarching purpose. Offline too.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Bryon Beaulieu says:

    It should be fairly easy to discern what the Gore means and really wants from his comments – just check out where and what his recent investments are, THAT is what he wants from Web 2.0, investment in the companies he is invested in. See, it’s easy.

  2. D W COBB says:

    Planet earth has endured many ICE AGES in its history. EVERY one of these has ended with a global warming period, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. My question for those proposing radical, expensive measures to STOP global warming; “are you trying to prolong the last ICE AGE or hasten the next one?

  3. Dawn says:

    Amen! Go Paul. Mr. Gore is a high falutin’ hypocrit. Since he “invented” it, perhaps he thinks it’s his to direct. Give me a break . . .

  4. MaryEllen Lempa says:

    Anything with Al Gore’s name on it scares the living daylights out of me. We can’t allow this man to go anywhere near “our” internet. During the Clinton/Gore years we were blessed with the wonderful e-rate program of which AG was so proud. It was funded by a charge on everyone’s phone bill and was going to put computers in schools and libraries. This was the most unbelievable boondoggle ever – so layered in bs and convoluted that it was almost a full-time job to complete the requirements. So many manhours were wasted and a lot of schools and libraries just gave up.

  5. Robert Wolfe says:

    It is quite easy to understand Al Gore. A translation for his “gobble-de-gook” is: If it doesn’t contribute for a socialist world, it is of no value.

  6. Hank G says:

    Morons like this are the ones who put Hitler in power in 1933-I remember it well, then we had a little real estate discussion, lasting some 6 years until we bought Europe and a lot of Asia becasue of said morons.

    Pay attention, folks people like this are very dangerous, in spite of their stupidity.

  7. Harold Zander says:

    You are so right, and one of the very great Americans I have ever had the pleasure of reading “Common Sense” ideas and information. Please keep up the wonderful job you are doing.

  8. Stanley Yuzuk says:

    As Dr. Thomas Sowell reminds us “The first Earthday was a warning of global cooling”?! Rather than listen to Al “Windbag” Gore’s BS, I like to remember George Carlin’s statement, “Environmentalists are full of sh**! The Earth will be just fine”!!

  9. Rubicon says:

    Al Gore, fanatic in chief on Global Warming, Climate Change, & demanding everyone think as he does.
    This guy was a nut before & we are fortunate we did not elect him president. Now, he & folks like Nancy Pelosi want to “edit” the content of the internet.
    Does anyone see the correlation to the German propaganda machine that controlled the content of the prime media in those days?
    I hate to say it, but Al’s socialist leanings & his position that when it comes to media delivery of information, balance is bias (meaning it allows folks to think other than how he demands we all think), tells me he is among those who would control mankind through despotic government & accumulate wealth for themselves while others suffer.
    While CO2 levels have continued to go up, temperatures have started to fall since about 2000. He fails to mention this to folks.
    CO2 levels “FOLLOW” temperature fluctuations. Temperature is NOT driven by CO2 accumulations. Temperature does its own thing long before CO2 levels finally react, one way or the other.
    Al failed to overlay his graphs showing this in his PowerPoint presentation. If he had done so, all would have seen that CO2 levels follow temperatures, they do not cause them to respond.
    WHY is no one challenging this??
    CO2 is the lifeblood element that keeps this planet green. To mess with it as Al wants is simply stupid. Worse is that he actually thinks “WE” (Mankind), with the exception of numerous nuclear bombs at once, can actually affect those CO2 levels. There was more atmospheric CO2 in the Medieval times than there is now. That is why Green land was named
    Al’s personal investments which will pay off hugely when Congress uses the “force of law” to make all companies buy CO2 Cap & Trade credits from companies like the ones he is invested in. He stands to make hundreds of millions, if not billions!
    Al is tainted product. He has embraced this Global Warming theme in order to become rich & powerful. He is angry we did not elect him & this is one way his strangely inept mind can deal with that!

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  11. W Harper says:

    First, thanks to Rubicon for stating the truth: CO2 is not predictive, but an after effect.

    But lest we forget: How many of you had to flush twice this morning because of a previous gem from algore? Yes, the wonderful “improved” toilet that uses less water…ineffectively, so you have to flush twice.

    Perhaps this dummy will come up with a good idea sometime before he dies…but it ain’t happened yet!

  12. Promoting Gore’s Swindle…

    He says he wants the Internet to be a “purpose-driven Internet,” and he wants it to be HIS “purpose,” which is to promote global warming, his own swindle. It has already made him millions of dollars, and he wants the Internet to help him make even….

  13. A Chapman says:

    I don’t belive to any politicians – they all lie! Al Gore want us to follow… NO!

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