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Big labor is tired of the private balloting that workers currently enjoy when deciding whether to unionize. The unions want to get rid of such balloting. By law. There’s a bill floating around in Congress that would do this.

Is a President Obama going to sign it?

The unionized share of the work force has shrunk in recent decades. Many employees don’t see the benefit of joining a union. Because voting on whether to certify a union is done by private ballot, one can’t claim that they are scared of retaliation from the boss.

So what would unions gain from a law that bans private balloting?

Well, if union organizers know how people are voting, and people voting know that the organizers know how they are voting, there would be much more opportunity to pressure and even intimidate employees into voting the “right” way.

Unions hope this would help turbo-charge recruitment efforts. As columnist Donald Lambro puts it, passage of the bill would make it “easier to unionize workplaces without the bother of the private ballot to protect workers in a free and democratic election.”

This anti-democratic bill has been around for a while. But now the chances of passage have increased dramatically. Candidate Barack Obama, at least when addressing union crowds, often promised he would push to make it happen. Will he do so?

You can bet the unions are watching. So should we.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rubicon says:

    Ah yes, those nasty secret ballots that allow people to decide on their own what they want.
    Union dues is forced from all, even if one did not vote for the union. And, whatever percentage the union wishes to use for political activism, is up to union bosses. Those employees maying union dues get no say who the union backs, what the union backs, or how the union spends the money.
    Unions may or may not have well served America at one time. Today, merit serves a hard working people & laws to protect workers are the responsibility of our elected officials, not union bosses who are more interested in exercising their power over all, than they are interested in what is good for all!
    Lets hope “the people” speak out against the “Card Check” legislation unions are trying to force through a grateful group of Democrats in Congress.
    Anyone who wants to take away the secret ballot is not for freedom & the rights of the individual.

  2. Morning Glory says:

    Card Check is a frightening prospect and smacks in the face of democratic ideals. The terms “force” and “coercison” come to mind. The union played a role in where the Big Three is now.

  3. T Johnson says:

    Having been through alley meetings with 300 pound no-necks in trench coats as well as a certification election, I have thought a bit about this “Card-Check” thingey. There just might be an unintended consequence. What happens when a majority of intimidated union members are not too pleased with the old goats at the national? It could bring an end to unions as we know them. None too soon.

  4. marlene childers says:

    Unions have out lived their usefulness. They are a big part of the grown-up problems at the auto workers plants. The unions have pressured the large companies into benefits that others could only dream of. Being paid and not working is a dream come true for all of us. Unfortunately we now have a huge problem that cant be fixed easily. The unions need to change or face being eliminated. They aren’t in this for the workers they are in this for the money they can make; be afraid these guys fear losses of members. This tact is only one they will use to remain a force in the work force.
    The auto makers need to “retool” their infrastructures and find a way to change thir business to benefit all in this economy. Whether it is a change in car production or type of cars being made, quality and durability are very important and should be part of the new WAY.
    The unioin could push these types of improvements once they get off the OLD ways.Nothing is forever!
    M. Childers

  5. A simple change would get the economy moving again with the people making the buying decisions rather than a bunch of Corporate Lobbyists and those that serve the government bureaucracy at all levels.

    The proposed change is: Permit a penalty free withdrawal from ones IRA or 401K’s.

    We have trillions of dollars tied up in IRA’s and 401K’s that could be working for those that saved the money while reversing the economic decline.

    Those that would rather not make a withdrawal wouldn’t have to, while those that do would be better off rather than losing the value anyway due to the inflation that would result from massive federal stimulus borrowing.

    Perhaps John Kennedy said it best: “Inflation is the most incideous form of taxation.” We must avoid inflation as it robs our future and lowers our standard of living, just like higher taxes.

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