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I am coming to despise my computer. But I’m pretty sure my disgust at its various malfunctions pales compared to Julie Amero’s.

Julie Amero teaches middle school and was using the computer to present a lesson to her class. And then her computer began looping vile pornography. She tried pushing buttons, but the porn loop just went faster and furiouser.

So she was prosecuted for four felony charges of “corrupting a minor.”

Now, we’re not supposed to sympathize with Ms. Amero. But how can we be so sure that she isn’t the innocent victim? On a Windows PC, the darndest things happen; and if you haven’t programed your browser correctly, horrible porn can pop up on your Mac’s screen, too.

The “computer expert” for the Norwich Police Department testified that she must have clicked the links that led to the prurient loop. But anyone who knows how computers work knows that this testimony was either woefully ignorant or purposely misleading.

Amero lost her first trial but was granted a second, after people across the country came to her aid, offering their testimony about inadvertent porn viewings. Another victory for citizens speaking up.

Now Ms. Amero’s health has taken a downturn, and the prosecutors have recently agreed to go for lesser charges. But they still press on.

If you ask me, the prosecutors are the ones being indecent.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor

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  1. howiem says:

    After reading this article anyone with the faintest knowledge of computers, but none about this case would immediately suspect that the prosecutors are right. What you should have mentioned is that Julie is a substitute teacher, and both students and the regular teacher also had access to the computer with the porn. See also

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