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In Franz Kafka’s famous-but-incomplete novel, Amerika, his protagonist treks to our brave new world only to repeatedly find himself persecuted by a bizarre assortment of authorities.

That was fiction. How’s our factual world?

Today, our governments — particularly our police and prosecutors — seem to treat Kafka’s nightmare as a blueprint for action. Accuse. Accost. Ticket. Jail. Innocence is no excuse. Sense is no criterion.

There has to be a better artistic model for our country. There is: The Andy Griffith Show.

Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry never used his toughness in a bullying or bureaucratic way. He was respectful of the public, interpreting both the rules and his own discretion with a healthy dose of common sense.

Unlike modern America, Mayberry was never Kafkaesque.

In searching about for standards, better to reach to Andy rather than Franz. Our enforcement culture sure needs something.

Still, many police are exemplary public servants providing necessary service. So let’s keep our cool, not over-react. Every time law enforcement goes even slightly off the beam, someone, somewhere, starts spelling “America” with a “k” — as in Kafka’s novel. But remember, Kafka had an excuse: He wrote in German, and in German “America” is spelled with a “k,” not a “c.”

For me, I’d like to keep the “c,” and let it stand for . . . Common Sense.

I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. D W COBB says:

    Have you forgotten?

  2. PROSECUTORS are asking for a suit against them. They are not above the law and I do believe that “We the People” do have a right to sue them for violating your rights at the taxpayers cost.

    I never gave any prosecutor the right to go after someone for political differences. I did not give Prosecutors the right to violate the Constitutional rights of citizens who are politically active.

    I believe those Prosecutors who do not understand the basic rights of Article one of the Bill of Rights do not belong in any legal profession.


  3. Robert Adickes says:

    Mr. Jacobs, what is your position and view on the Obama fraudulent birth certificate?

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