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People often complain about executive pay. I don’t. What other people get paid isn’t my business.

But after we discovered that many of the major companies bailed out by our government went on to give their execs bonuses, I changed my tune, a bit. How did failed companies and failed businessmen deserve bailouts in the first place? After being bailed out of their mess, the failed execs earned bonuses how? For bringing home the bacon from politicians?

This problem is not limited to private enterprise at the public nipple.

Take DC Metro. This governmental organization, tasked with providing public transit in the District of Columbia and adjacent areas, is in deep financial woes, even worse than many businesses. The transit authority threatens deep cuts in service.

And yet, somehow, they just managed to hike the salaries of management, not to mention the wages of hourly workers.

This is the reaction of a concern when its rising costs are not being matched by income gains?

It seems insane. And yet, this is government, so we at least have a ready explanation. And, being a metropolitan service district rather than a city or county government, it doesn’t have many of the usual checks in place. From the people.

If you are looking for a cause to get involved in, I bet your area’s metro district would get your blood boiling. Why not look into it?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rubicon says:

    Who even approves of these bonus payments? Seems to me “the board” approves them, & the board answers to, no one. All those folks do I put in for their annual government allocations for service & then distribute according to what “the board” decides.
    In short, there are no checks & balances in many cases & many of the “board” meetings happen at the most inconvenient times that few, if any citizens can get to the meetings. Add to that boards who select only specific time periods for outsiders to speak, & the people are effectively shut out of the process.
    So long as government bureaucrats & government union employees are involved, most think we can only pay & go broke because they have the power of the state on their side.
    Its called socialism run by despots!

  2. airborneLt says:

    “How did failed companies and failed businessmen deserve bailouts in the first place?”

    How about the more important question? Where is the Constitutional Authority for bailout of any private business by the Federal Government?
    See: Why Conservatives Will Never Win”

  3. Timothy James Maki says:

    Outstanding question.

    The clear answer is they should not not only not get a bounes they should probably be fired.

    Paul, you are right on on this one.


  4. robert says:

    if a company fails – it is because of the people that run same – the buck stops at the top and nowhere else – whether in private or the gov’t sector x this is the current problem of this country -corporate american greed and both parties that just want to push their own agenda or PORK x why bail out and let these so called executives continue and get their excessive pay and bonuses x they ( all of them ) have caused economic sabotage and should suffer the consequences for mismanagemnt and charges should be filed against these individuals and their assets sequestered – they should not get away with raking all those pay/ perks as they are accountable for their actions and decisions x nobody is indispensable

  5. REVERSE ROBIN-HOODS, IS WHAT CONGRESS HAS BECOME. Steal from the poor to give to the rich.

    There is no provision in the Honest Constitutions wording that allows for Bail-Out money for executives or workers or elected officials.

    TAKE ACTION, It is time to hold Congress accountable and the Constitution provides “WE the People” with that right. And if any judge gives “WE the People” a hard time, then he/she should be included as a co-conspirator.

    Every executive that received a bonus according to his contract and it came from the taxpayers, must give it back.

    “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE THE “SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA” CONGRESS is our servant representatives and servants do not tell the bosses what to do, the bosses “We the People” tell the servants what to do and that is; “No Stealing, no corruption, no bribery, no felony, no misdemeanors, and they work in all Honesty and Accountability for “WE the People” or go to prison.

    I BELIEVE WE HAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE CONGRESS TO COURT ON CRIMINAL CHARGES. Congressman Kanjorski got $10 million for his family and Fox News could not find out what the business was and if it was for the good of the TAxpayers who funded it unknowingly.

  6. William Passas says:

    I am hearing about companies that are laying off people and/or reducing salaries. Our government leaders should become vocal to those companies that are non-profit or profitable that they not lay off people or reduce salaries. Those actions feed the downturn in the economy. Most of those actions are intended to increase stock prices Wrong move.

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