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A new administration is poised to take over, with medical care a high priority. There’s been lots of talk, lots of trust put on big government. Unfortunately, the doctors, hospitals, insurers and others that opposed HillaryCare, way back when, now jockey to get whatever benefits they can out of whatever new system that develops . . . which, jumping the gun, they consider a “done deal.”

And yet the simplest, most sensible bit of legislation about health care garners almost no attention.

Introduced by Representative Sam Johnson several months ago, the Medicare Beneficiary Freedom to Choose Act would allow seniors who go on Social Security to opt out of Medicare.

At present, when you retire with Social Security benefits, you are required — forced — to accept Medicare part A benefits. Doctors whom you hire for cash can be penalized.

Quite a system.

You might think anyone who’s for freedom of choice would support the bill.

You might think it uncontroversial, since it simply allows people who have saved money for their own medical care to continue to use that money.

It doesn’t affect anybody negatively. It doesn’t reduce Medicare taxes that anyone is forced to pay. It simply lets people who want to opt out of a bureaucratic system do just that.

And it would save the government money.

Oh, maybe now I get it. The name of the game is money, spending, and . . . regulation of our lives.

“Congress knows best.”

That is the very antithesis of Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Prudent Man, CFA says:

    What is most bothersome to me is Tom Daschle’s remarks in his book that a Government Panel will decide what treatments are authorized. I am sure this panel will not have any medical professionals only bureaucratic lawyers and politicians.

    As a 76 year old with incurable leukemia who is presently recovering from chemo treatments, I am sure that panel would not approved my treatment because of my health and the nature of the illness. As I have a good supplemental plan, which I pay dearly for, I got the treatment I needed. Will I get this treatment the next time the cancerous cells must be destroyed? If the Daschle plan is implemented by the Obama Administration and Congress, I doubt it. Politicians will chose the winners and losers.

  2. Charlie28 says:

    The recent election has shown that the American public is ignorant, stupid and insane.
    Before they embrace National Health Care (socialized medicine) they should do a little research and become informed on the subject.They will find that socialized medicine doesn’t work.
    People from Canada and other socialized countries come to the USA for medical treatment which they would have to wait months or years for in their home countries.
    With all it’s faults, and their are quite a few, our sustem is the best in the world.

  3. John Honell says:

    I had a HMO, that I loved, for which my employer paid $185/month. I had a $15 co-pay. When I retired I could continue the coverage with COBRA at $700/month for a year. I could add 6 months at a still higher premium. I was also on my wife’s 80/20 PPO (which I had never used) which had a $1 million life time benefit. Shortly after my wife retired, the life time benefit was cut to $50,000. We also have a supplement with a $300,000 benefit. I have never had health problems and take no meds.
    My wife has had surgery and treatment for cervical cancer. The benefits are about gone and I still haven’t used the “insurance” Any suggestions?

  4. Rubicon says:

    Paul is correct that Seniors should have the right to “opt out” of Medicare. Forcing people to join is reprehensible. Most probably would have joined, but there is a large element who have no desire to be in the Medicare system. The problem as Paul points out, is that once in, it can become costly & legally problematic for Doctors who worked for cash when dealing with a Medicare Senior. That is just plain wrong.
    However, I personally HATE the opt out concept. I believe opt out is a system used by business & government to sucker many into something. Many would never “opt in” to any number of programs, if they had the option & knew how destructive or what problems go with joining some programs.
    Opt out should always be replaced with opt in. Those who want you to join Medicare or any other program, governmental or private business, should have to go to the effort of convincing you to opt in.
    If they are unwilling to go to that effort, its probably because they know most will just accept the issue as is rather than go to all of the fuss of opting out. By making opt out cumbersome, bureaucratic, & laden with regulations, etc. bureaucrats get to draw many into things they would never have joined. Like I said, most simply do not go to the extra effort once they have been “opted in,” on many programs.
    And that is why those who want you to join something should have to get you to “opt in.” That way, their program would have to be sold to the public on its merits, & would not survive just because few want the bother of trying to get out! Many programs do not even have a procedure for anyone who contacts them & tells them they want to opt out. They apparently figure no one will go to the effort of getting out, once they are in a system. And history shows they are right.
    Anyway, I want a national effort for all “opt” provisions to be “opt in” NOT “opt out”! Make everything opt in. Make people decide if they want in & make people have to take action to get in. BUT, do not force people in assuming they want in, while also make opting out a hassle!

  5. Fredrick L. Ward says:

    Paul, it is even worse for retired military. I served over 20 years in the Air Force (1961-1981) and spent the last 8 years as a Health Professions Recruiter (I recruited physicians and dentist for the AF). Recruiting Service published and taught recruiters to promise free lifetime health and dental care for those that served at least 20 years and were honorably discharged from the service. The government lied! When I retired I had to purchase a suplement to my CHAMPUS/TRICARE. At 65 I was forced into MEDICARE and TRICARE FOR LIFE and have to pay for the Medicare. My wife (also retired from service) also has to pay for her Medicare. The question keeps being asked, why can’t we have the same medical plan that Congress has? I guess we aren’t enough of the elite class to warrant such a plan! But that’s our government.

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