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Today in Nashville, Tennessee, two issues are on the ballot. But voters may not  know what they are. Some people don’t want them to know.

You see, Amendment 1, a measure called “English-Only,” has stirred up lots of controversy. The initiative reads: “Official actions which bind or commit the government shall be taken only in the English language, and all official government communications and publications shall be in English.”

A group called Nashville for All of Us has raised $300,000 and has campaigned against it. In the course of their campaign, every ad urges a vote against both Amendment 1 and Amendment 2.

Yet, strangely, there is absolutely no mention in their ads or on their website as to what Amendment 2 is about — just constant exhortations to vote against it.

Well, in plain English, Amendment 2 has nothing to do with English-Only. It’s about Nashville voters protecting their initiative rights. Amendment 2 makes it easier to put ballot measures on the general election when the most people come out to vote, rather than on special elections that needlessly cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Amendment 2 would also standardize and lower the petition requirement to place an issue on the ballot. And Amendment 2 would prevent the Metro Council from amending or repealing measures passed by voters . . . at least for four years.

No wonder some folks don’t want to discuss Amendment 2.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Cyndie says:

    Very helpful – thanks, Paul.

  2. Muriel Mason says:

    Inch by inch tearing Ameriaca down.Where is the Spirits of Patriotism we use to have for AMERICA!!!!

  3. A.T, Gilmore Sr. says:

    Great job on informing the people.

  4. Rubicon says:

    I understand that freedom requires vigilance & effort. I really do!
    I do NOT understand why some Americans who benefit from the freedoms we enjoy, seem to keep trying to deny, take away, or severely restrict our freedoms.
    WHY, would ANY American want to limit the ability of Americans to voice their opinions & exercise their right o express what they want through the vote?
    The very same advantages of being an American belong to them as they do to the rest of us. If they take away, restrict, or make it difficult to express our desires to our elected officials, they also take the same freedoms away from…… themselves.
    What part of stupid do they not understand? Is political gain so important to some seeking power & wealth, that they would endanger their own civil & constitutional rights?
    It just seems so incredibly, stupid! One day such malicious socialist crap will come back to haunt them as they find themselves stuck in the middle of some campaign to deny citizens their rights & it will be these very same people who will cry out claiming themselves, victims!

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