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CNBC’s Rick Santelli struck one awfully big nerve last week. Reporting from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Santelli said things you don’t hear much on TV, from politicians or from talking heads.

Santelli said that “the government is promoting bad behavior” with all the bailouts.

He railed against Obama’s new mortgage bailout plan, asking workers at the Exchange, “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage, that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?” None answered in the affirmative.

Santelli mocked the recently passed stimulus plan for providing people with “a whopping $8 or $10” and then banking on the notion that citizens won’t save the money, but rush out to spend it.

And he ridiculed “the multiplier that all of these Washington economists are selling us.” Using their logic, Santelli sarcastically concluded, “We never have to worry about the economy again. The government should spend a trillion dollars an hour because we’ll get $1.5 trillion back.”

Most working people understand that “you can’t buy your way into prosperity.”

That’s what I liked best about Rick’s rant. He knows the American people are smarter than the politicians.

I like it that he called for a national, online referendum over the bailouts. The government won’t provide it, but I will. Go to to cast your ballot.

Santelli also called for a Chicago Tea Party. See you there.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Seems as if virtually every one I talk to is in agreement the politicians are responsible for the economic downturn, spell that disaster, but they still go out and ee-elect these guys. Obama likely will be the final nail in the coffin in which the united States is traveling to the graveyard.

    But what good is all the griping? We, the public, are getting what we deserve. If we can’t do a better job at the polls, then we deserve the consequences of electing, for life, the most self serving, power and money hungry egoists in the history of the country.

  2. tim says:

    music to my ears

  3. Rubicon says:

    Americans are NOT getting what they deserve. We voted for people to represent us who have turned on us. There is no way we could know they are thieves, liars, & haters of the very nation & principles that have made the life of these politicians possible. We are getting the shaft, not because we do not care, but because politicians are being bought out by hyper partisan special interest groups. Groups whose philosophies are communist/socialist & who want America to end so they can set up “their” concept of a utopian world government. Utopia is a dream & nothing more. There is NO perfect world. We all must live w/in the bounds of the societies available to us. No one can create some fantasy world where none are w/out & none suffer. Greed, hate, etc., all mean people will suffer under ANY system, but dream systems simply never happen! Worse is dream systems always mean despots gain control & they make all miserable. Look at history. Those promising to do “for the people” always end up oppressing the people. Obama will do this as he effects change to possession of firearms (defenseless citizens are less likely to oppose idiotic government interventions), speech restrictions (Fairness Doctrine & internet editing), & so many more socialist policies.
    Its time the government let some of these big companies fail. Saving them is becoming more painful & more dangerous than letting them fail!

  4. Jane M. says:

    I love this guy. I bet the suits at NBC don’t!!

  5. Mack M. Braly says:

    Rubicon wrote:

    “There is no way we could know they are thieves, liars, & haters of the very nation & principles that have made the life of these politicians possible.”

    Why not??? Have politicians ever been anything else? (at least in modern times (since the age of FDR)?”

    An English satirist and MP once wrote “No man can consider himself safe in his person, property, or the chastity of his wife, so long as parliament is in session.”

    I think he had it right.

    Only when Americans cease to look to government for the solution to their problems will those problems begin to be capable of solution.


  6. DJ King says:

    This new President has yet to utter a single truth. The Dems are deliberately destroying business in this country so as to implement their Socialist/Communist destruction of our Republic.
    Wake up America, God help us.

  7. Tom says:

    Living in New Jersey is a nightmare. The liberal democrats that have run this state for years have given us the highest property taxes in the nation in spite of a huge sales tax, a state income tax, a real estate transfer tax, and more lotteries than you can imagine. Nobody speaks up for the poor beleaguered taxpayer here. Even the republicans have lost their credibility when they failed to keep the promises they made in Washington in 1994.
    That’s why I wanted to climb through the TV and kiss Santelli when I heard him explode in frustration. He may not have realized it at the time, but he was speaking for millions of us. I could not agree with him more.
    I don’t need Obama to reach into my pocket and take something that rightfully belongs to me and give it to someone to whom it does not belong. I could get an untrained chimpanzee to do that. To those who thought he was bringing something special to the table, I say, surprise……..just another Marxist thug.

  8. jack piccininni says:

    Go Rick go! We saw you live…. we signed up to be at the tea party…

  9. Mike Becker says:

    I don’t see how they can pull of the administration’s mortgage program without driving lenders out of the mortgage market altogether. If they force onerous terms on lenders, they will succeed in making mortgages more difficult to obtain and drive housing prices down further. If they attempt a case-by-case-review, it will take years to figure who owes what to whom and who owns what. By that time, the entire program would be moot.



  11. William L. (Bill) Wright says:

    I was born and raised in Illinois when it was the Chicago/Cook county machine vs downstate. A little research into that machine and our presidents history will hopefully be an eye opener if it’s not too late.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book Obama Nation is a good starting point.

    God save America…

  12. alexin007 says:

    Well, here we go…
    1. I do not have children, why are my taxes being used to bailout the education of others?
    2. I am not a senior citizen, why are my taxes being used to pay for their medicare and medical?
    3. I do not have family in Iraq, why are my taxes being used to bring “freedom” and “democracy” for some folks that I do not care about?
    4. I have never had my house on fire, why am I paying for firemen with my taxes?
    5. I have no family member in prison, why am I bailing out their meals and prisons?
    6. I do not go to the local parks in my community, why am I bailing out those parks?
    7. I have no family member in the finance industry, why am I bailing out those greedy idiots?
    In sum, give me my money back and I will pay my mortgage, you can pay all your bailouts for your children, medical, medicare, iraq and bullets, and all those things that you guys are using at my expense, I will take care of my own bailout, and you? well you take care of yours.

  13. […] Tea Party’s credit, it was first — kicked off by Rick Santelli’s CNBC “tea party rant” in early 2009, against the upsurge of bailouts for banks, car companies, home-buyers, you name it, as well as the […]

  14. Kevlyn says:

    Apparently this is what the etsemeed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

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