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Are you surprised? I’m not surprised.

Turns out Congresswoman Maxine Waters had “family financial ties” to a bank for which she personally helped solicit bailout money. Without regard to its relative need or value to the economy.


Trillions in stimulus money, bailout money. And we expect politicians will allocate it according to some impersonal calculus that has nothing to do with who their chums are?

Nor can we expect the politicians and bureaucrats to sit back and let the market, or what’s left of it, function unhampered once bailout money has been forked over.

Many banks seemed to think they would simply be allowed to spend the subsidies according to their own judgment about how best to promote the health of their enterprises. But once the bailouts failed to work the instant magic they were supposed to, politicians began attaching strings. So that voters angry about the bailouts could see that there’s “accountability.”

It’s not just about trimming fat executive bonuses. The banks are also supposed to obey orders to cancel employee training, reduce dividends to shareholders, stop hiring employees from overseas, etc. This is about social engineering, not economic efficiency.

So, many banks now say they’ll give the money back. Good idea; great idea. But it would really surprise me if it found its way all the way back to taxpayers.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. dunscotis says:

    In a fluid society, two things rise to the top. The cream and the scum. Waters and Pelosi do not even slightly resemble the
    cream, so I must conclude they are the scum. The odor gives it all away.

    In fact, Congress and Senate seem to be expensive luxuries whose only real business is their perpetual campaign for re-election. This is fueled by redirecting taxpayer dollars for their personal use either directly or by making “good” on
    the bribes they have taken.


    It is time to go after Congressman Kanjorski of Pennsylvania, who got $10 million for his family to go into business at taxpayers ezpense.

    Fox News did a show on them last june.

    SENATOR STEVENS GETS AWAY WITH BRIBERY, our Attorney General is not working for Americans.

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