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You’ve heard of a campaign exploratory committee?

Well, at you can see a recall exploratory effort in full bloom. Not a candidate campaign exploration, but an effort to recall a sitting official.

The site is titled the “Doyle Recall Exploratory Portal,” and organizers of the  effort are serious about doing something about Wisconsin’s governor. The core of their argument is at the center of the page:

WHY RECALL DOYLE? Jim Doyle is the de facto CEO of a $30 billion dollar corporation we call the State of Wisconsin that is being rapidly run into the ground. The buck stops at the top. . . .

  • Record Deficits – 4th Largest in the USA
  • Massive Tax Increases Threaten Prosperity
  • Radical Agenda Drives Away Business, Kills Jobs

. . . An unprecedented fiscal crisis demands bold and immediate action to save Wisconsin from certain financial ruin. The longer we wait, the more damage will be done. The clock is ticking!

If you support the idea of citizens taking control, when politicians go out of control, you can’t help but admire the intent here. And I, for one, wish the effort luck.

I confess, I don’t know everything about Governor Doyle. But knowing, as I do, the general run of the political mill, I’d bet money that the folks at Recall Doyle are doing their state a great service.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Tom says:

    The problem with the recall in Wisconsin is that it is short-sighted. Doyle has all the money in the world – so if he was recalled – and won – he would be hard to beat in two years. The Republicans would be better served by biding their time, raising some cash, and defeating him next year. This would only ENSURE that Doyle will be governor for another whole term.

  2. Cynthia says:

    The idea of recall is just that, a good idea. Unfortunately, you can end up with an Arnold like CA. As a conservative, it sounded good to be rid of Gray Davis. Not only was he raising taxes, his use of executive powers needed to be stopped. Arnold has done nothing but grovel to the Unions and evironmentalists since they defeated his agenda in 2005. Now he has raised the very same taxes that riled the people about Gray Davis. Has CA improved it’s position since a recall? I for one have not seen it.

  3. Rubicon says:

    I agree that recall is an important option for citizens to have in their toolbox of methods to deal w/ politicians who have failed their obligations.
    However, I also agree & prefer concentration on actual elections. It is always interesting to think about how much one can undermine the despicable activities of those who spend profusely, implement idiotic programs, & act as though they alone know what is best w/ no input or opinion of those who actually elected them to office.
    But the time & money spent on recall can actually take resources away from elections. And elections are where its at to make real differences. You may have to wait until scheduled elections, but it usually takes almost an entire term to get to the right courts., etc. to be able to finally put it to the people to recall a defective politician.
    So I would prefer to focus any & all of my effort & money on actual elections where the miscreant can be exposed, along with any of his accomplices, & “real change” can be effected.
    Still, recall at least puts the dork on natice!

  4. Rubicon says:

    Check that…. puts the dork on “notice.”

  5. Paul Jacob says:

    The recall process is no magic bullet, but it comes in handy when a politician has gone completely out of control. As for California, I too have been underwhelmed by Arnold’s performance, but, my goodness, he’s certainly better than Gray Davis. Citizens will have to think strategically, of course, but recall is a great option to have . . . and to use wisely.

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