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Artful exaggeration is a part of good writing. Take this example from Yakima Valley Business Times editor Bruce Smith: “All of us who think we already pay too many taxes should bow west toward Mukilteo at least once a day.”

Smith did not figure he could set up a new religion. He was figuratively conveying the importance to the state of Washington of initiative activist Tim Eyman’s recent, successful measure requiring a two-thirds’ vote of the Legislature to hike taxes.

Smith also went on to talk about Tim Eyman’s newest proposal, which he is petitioning to place on the 2009 ballot. The measure is called I-1033, and officially dubbed the Lower Property Taxes Initiative. But Smith notes a feature of the proposal that stretches it, in a sense, beyond a mere property tax lowering device. “What I like most about the measure is that it reins in government growth,” writes Smith. “It limits the rate of government expansion to that of the overall economy.”

But here Smith doesn’t exaggerate at all. “Currently government grows at a level that is about 50 percent higher than that of the private sector,” he explains.

“[B]ureaucrats and the apologists have all sorts of excuses to rationalize why those levels of growth are necessary, but here’s the bottom line: Unless things change, government will become unsustainable.”

Exactly. No hyperbole.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Shelley says:

    thanks for giving I-1033 a plug and recognizing Tim for his hard work. He is not appreciated near enough!

  2. Dave Falzone says:

    Government is already out of control, especially in NY State. We are facing dramatic tax increases due to the loss of Income Tax revenues from Wall St. So instead of taking the Stimulus money to “create” more jobs, NY gives it to Government agencies to retain programs that should be cut. So let me think? What will happen in 2 years when the Stimulus money runs out. Oh I get it… More Taxes. Pitiful!

    Regardless, I applaud Tim Eyman’s I-1033 proposal. It will be interesting to see how this gets butchered … In the name of progress of course.

  3. Harry Lambdin says:

    In this, the Herald has acted in a complely childish manner. i don’t think i care to be one of their subscribers anymore. Who’s intrests are they concerned about??
    After all, when the bailout has been said and done, what is the buck going to be worth??? Get out a wheel barrow of money, i’m going to the store.

  4. Mark Felix says:

    THE ARTFUL EXAGGERATIONS OF BILL GASTON … Though much has been said of his writing, I think the most accurate is inscribed on the … TT: If the study of literature is not good training ground for a writer, what is? …. But the first part of my answer is most important because I realize now that probably more

  5. John McClain says:

    I never heard of Tim Eyman until reading your description of him. Wow..I wish we had him here in Kansas or better yet in Washington D.C. If only we had more of him!

  6. lenore grossman says:

    Thanks to Townhall for writing the story of Washingtgon’s Tim Eyman, he is the kind of American I yearn for in California, he is a freedom fighter and understands the messages of the Founding Fathers, Government of the People, For the People… I hope to hear more of Mr. Eyman.

  7. ptsargent says:

    Paul…I’m a Californian who wants to know Tim’s M.O. How does one contact him?

  8. Dagny says:

    Thanks for your introduction of Tim Eyman to the rest of the World. He is greatly valued in “the other Washington”.

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