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So strong their support for Pat Toomey’s challenge, Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania have chased Senator Arlen Specter over to the Democratic Party.

Could a similar revolution happen across the Delaware River in New Jersey’s race for Governor? reports that Jersey’s “GOP establishment insiders” aren’t “in panic mode” — no — just “very alert to the gubernatorial candidacy of former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan.”

An outsider, Lonegan says he’ll “deconstruct” Trenton, the capital. He gained fame by suing his own Republican governor, back in 2000, over unconstitutional state borrowing. He’s worked against eminent domain abuse and helped defeat two big spending ballot measures pushed by current Governor Jon Corzine.

Lonegan faces Chris Christie in the June 2nd primary. Christie has some reform credentials himself, having prosecuted and convicted 130 state and local Jersey politicians during his seven years as U.S. Attorney.

It’s a target-rich environment.

But Christie’s no-bid contract for a friend and unauthorized tracking of citizens via their cell phones are ugly reminders of his “insider” status. The state Republican chairman hypes Christie as “recommended by virtually all the key leaders from state government and political circles.’’

Lonegan is being massively outspent, but voters will have the final say.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. pat says:

    We’ll have the final say in the primary but then it’s all over. The nominee will lose to Corzine. The NJ GOP is a basket case. This state is a goner.

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