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When the president of the United States tells us that we “can’t fix the economy without fixing health care,” what do you make of it?

If you’re like me, you want to unravel the health care mess. And making it better would surely help the economy. But do I agree with President Obama?

Well, no.

The president and his party want to increase government controls and establish new government programs, the usual whatnot.

That is, the usual stuff that is precisely “what not to do.”

Instead of increasing costs by regulation, we should decrease costs by having the government stop mandating what health insurance companies must provide. Or unentangle our hyper-expensive Food and Drug Administration, with its longest and most expensive research rules in the world.

Generally, our politicians want us to emulate various socialized systems from across the globe, while ignoring the aspects of those systems that are freer than ours.

Specifically, Obama wants to set up a tax-funded Medicare system for everybody, in competition with regulated private insurance companies. And since Medicare is one of the main drivers of high prices, you can see where this will lead.

Funny thing is, our medical costs have not been shooting up these past few years as much as they were before, while in heavily regulated-and-rationed Britain, costs have skyrocketed during this same period.

I’m reminded of the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  2. George Blumel says:

    Another way to cut $billions out of the cost of healthcare in the US is to rein in the outrageous abuses and frauds of trial lawyers. One simple way is to go to the English system (used in most of the world)whereby the loser in a suit pays the expenses of the suit.

  3. Dr. T says:

    President Obama uses words strangely. In his private vocabulary the word “fix” means damage. Damage the economy. Damage health care. Damage the banks. Damage the investment firms. Damage the auto companies. When you properly translate Obama-speak, his goals and the outcomes of his actions match perfectly. It’s just too bad for our country that he likes to say “fix” so often.

  4. Mary Bodily says:

    From what I have derived from learning about President Oboma’s agenda, he would like to have our medical paid BY all of us FOR all of us. Sounds good, well sort of.
    The problem is there are many who do not work and that would make another program the working people would have to finance. By the time we pay for everything, we the working people must pay to help the general populous, we will not make enough to pay our bills. So why work… except under the table like so many people are doing today to avoid taxes.

  5. mike says:

    The government is the reason healthcare is so messed up now.You spend 30% of your time and revenue meeting government criteria. Can you believe that a ladder has to be certified and the climber.only one of thousands of rules to justify government jobs.
    Let some efficiency experts sort it out from the private sector. We could save millions.

  6. Laurie says:

    True, but there IS a well developed free market plan out there being ignored by pols because it puts the power in the hands of patients and doctors. It reforms government health care programs. It corrects abuses of private insurance. It makes it easier to create more private insurance plans. It stresses PREVENTION. It’s a catastrophic care plan that is MEANS-TESTED (remember it is REPLACING Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP and open to IHS, VA patients as well). That means premiums and what is a catastrophic level of NECESSARY medical expense is all factored in so responsible people don’t go banktrupt if they get cancer or something else hideously expensive to deal with.
    The plan is “Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis” at
    FUNDING is explained.
    REIMBURSEMENT is explained.
    It’s more fair than any other plan because it:
    has a State Medical Database in EACH state with EACH legit provider and his actual PRICE for whatever treatment right in there so for the FIRST TIME EVER patients can compare apples to apples. Providers set prices and COMPETITION AND the reimbursement mechanism prevent the taxpayer from being taken for a ride. ALSO things like infection rates for hospitals, SUCCESSFUL malpractice suits, etc. are noted. (Some folks should NOT be practicing medicine.)
    It addresses the problems of the uninsurABLE (those who can’t get insurance at any price), the uninsured, and illegals.
    Also the author urges that AFTER the reform has been in place and things settled, that it all be taken over by the PRIVATE industry–no more government control.
    AND the author notes we NEED a lot more nurses and doctors and we can’t keep stealing them from other countries while DENYING qualified, talented, caring US citizens from being educated in two excellent professions. How to do it without bankrupting everyone is discussed.
    THIS is comprehensive, free market, and answers ALL legitimate “compassion” issues while following sound economic principles (supply and demand, competition, price transparency, etc.).

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