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Last week, former Congressman and presidential candidate Bob Barr sent out a simple admonishment to his Twitter list: “Let’s have a real debate on Judge Sotomayor, not hysterics. . . .”

Unlikely. Appellate Judge Sonia Sotomayor is precisely the kind of jurist to divide us. She’s said things that seem racist and sexist and absurd. But, then, if I criticize her for those things, her supporters will call what I say racist or sexist or absurd.

And none of us want racism, or sexism, much less absurdity.

Let’s try sympathy, instead. It’s not easy to promote a constitutional philosophy consistent and widely acceptable at a time when much of what the federal government does belies — abridges — repudiates! — the Constitution itself.

Take the First Amendment. It begins, “Congress shall make no law . . .” No ambiguity. And yet Congress makes all sorts of law regarding speech, including regulating speech about politics, negating the whole point of the First Amendment.

What part of “no law” don’t today’s jurists understand? In many cases it’s the part where the states have power to fashion their own solutions to problems. It’s called the Tenth Amendment. And it’ usually ignored by all mainstream legal experts, along with the Ninth.

I’d like to have a quiet debate on this. Sotto voce, you might say. The opposite of hysterically loud.

That would be more important, even, than a debate about Judge Sotomayor.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. johnny b goode says:

    I think that we should start becoming serious in this country and deny the absurd people that Obama wants in areas that will be racist in their decisions, and not allow them a seat, bench, cot, stool, – nothing and give them their walking papers or Obama’s if necessary and show Obama that we mean business…..

  2. johnny b goode says:

    I’m tired of everyone just kowtowing and going along with nut case Obama. Seems to me that We the people deserve better in this country and maybe the time to just give him the heave – ho- he’s garbage and not even an American and don’t tell me that he is- even he knows that to be a lie- Billy Ayers should be interrogated to get the truth out that Obama is an Arab………. The Passport used to go to Pakistan – proved it because American’s were banned at that time . So he has to be an Arab. solid proof !

  3. johnny b goode says:

    I think that what we need is a Vocal Revolution in this country . The self servers in Congress and especially Pelosi/ Reid should be removed for stinking up Congress – for starters then work on telling the others to shape up or be removed – we the people are tired of these illiterates trashing our Constitution – where is American’s Voices …. we need them now to voice their displeasure of Obama and his clown Administration that looks more like Bill Clinton is President than nut case Obama….

  4. johnny b goode says:

    Hey is there anybody else out there that thinks that we the people should change this administration .. and rebuild our country instead of allowing a nutcase to remake us into his slaves – under a communist rule- well that’s what we will be getting if we let them change us. time to take our country back…. Now !

  5. Linda Liberty says:

    Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian candidate for president in 2004, teaches a course on the constitution and he says he wishes that had stopped after “Congress shall make no law”.

  6. Mike Yuk8ch says:

    Apparently your comments and those of johnny and Linda are extremist, according to a commentary on progressive radio (YUCK!!) I accidentally heard over the weekend. The “progressive” speaker referred to us clear thinking, conservative right wingers as a conspiracy that has been going on for years. Thank God (there I go being extreme) for us clear thinkers.

    Mike, Small town boy, Son of a…legal immigrant

  7. Bill Bailey says:

    I don’t think a conversation about our Constitution is relevant to today’s America. What little of our Constitution has not already been torn to shreds soon will be.

    Where in our Constitution does it permit the government to “bail out” motor car companies,ala Chrysler (twice) and now Government (owned) Motors (GM),or any other private business that is “too big to fail.”

    The government’s treatment of the secured bond holders of Chrysler Corporation ranks right up there with something the Godfather would have done if he’s had the chance.

  8. johnny b goode says:

    If Linda and I are Extremists that makes Obama a devout Radical and Pelosi/ Reid/ Sotomayor All Criminals that should be locked up and hidden from public view.. I’m also a Legal Immigrant Grandson/ Son – That served my country in the Navy on the Flag Ship that intercepted the 26 Russian Freighters Oct 1962…. trying to make port with 3,770 nuclear warheads . I’m not a Conservative- or a right winger- I’m an American – with no labels and Obama can kiss my duppa !

  9. johnny b goode says:

    What is happening in our country is the result of the real Conservatives Republican – who have already surrendered unto the Democrats, who seek to eliminate all opposition by denying Conservatives any voice in a major political party. Obama / Senate/Congress seek to remove the voices of the people and disarm them to make it easier to control us … not a good practice coming from a small time Camel Flea Counting Jockey from Indonesia. and his Parrot Billy Ayers.

  10. johnny b goode says:

    I think that the people should do unto Sotomayor and all three houses in Washington – as she and they have done under the people —Discriminate and be Racists and deny her and them under our Constitution or make up our own laws or rules as we see fit just like the self servers in all three houses in Washington . What’s the difference . We have a Kangaroo Court- Carnival Atmosphere with Obama/ Pelosi/ Reid anyway ………

  11. Every law passed should pass the Constitutional Test. That anyone in America, no less a sitting President, should even be considering someone who would look at a Supreme Court case according to what THEY BELIEVE instead of what is said in the Constitution, is totally unbelievable. We need to get off our dead butts and remind everyone what Conservative values stand for. This is my first, but definitely not my last, post on all things happening that taking our country away from the citizens.

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