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The Motorhome Diaries, or MHD, is a documentary project by Jason Talley, Pete Eyre, and Adam Mueller.

Jason are both former heads of Bureaucrash, a website that lampoons government bureaucracy and big, intrusive government in general. This crew has been touring the U.S. with his crew to interview fellow freedom fighters. The video annals of their journey are posted at the website. Interviewees include David Nolan, founder of the Libertarian Party, and Congressman Ron Paul, last year’s most interesting Republican presidential candidate.

Now the MHD team is documenting not freedom fighters, but, apparently, the fighters of freedom fighters.

In Jones County, Mississippi, a police officer pulled them over allegedly because he had trouble reading their vehicle’s tags. Soon the police demanded to know “where the drugs are,” and began ripping the trailer apart. There were no drugs.

Adam was handcuffed for trying to tape the proceedings. The other two were also detained. Jason managed to send a few Twitter messages to supporters while all this was happening, and received an outpouring of support. At the moment, the situation remains unresolved.

I know only one side of the story. But the blow-by-blow account posted at the MHD website is chilling. Visit and see for yourself.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor

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  1. Dean says:

    Isn’t there some kind of charges that can be brought against such obvious harrassment by such ‘gestapo cops” to cause other cops … and of course these present ones – to lose their jobs if they overstep or abuse their authority as seems to be required for such harrassment.??
    .. such harrassment needs to be SOMEHOW cured of sucking eggs OR BECOME DEAD SKUNKS.

    Dean Denver

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