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The organization known as PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — routinely goes so overboard in its pronouncements as to cast their cause in the most goofy light.

Last week, PETA sent a public letter to the American Veterinary Medical Association urging the group to cancel an upcoming event at their Seattle convention. The event would feature the world-famous fishmongers of Pike Place Market, folks who throw fish.

Not live fish. Dead fish. Fish intended for eating. The practice of throwing seafood began as a way to increase efficiency. It’s fun to watch, and it’s grown into a ritual attraction.

PETA says it’s bad enough that fish are eaten, but throwing them “adds insult to injury.”

The fishmongers say they “love fish.” They “respect fish.” Fish make their business thrive.

But of course, the way a fishmonger respects fish is different from a member of PETA. In a television interview, one PETA spokesperson argued that we wouldn’t throw around dead kittens.

Well, no. But we might if kittens were part of our diets, instead of our homes and families.

There’s a big difference. It’s lost on PETA.

To most of us, demanding the hyper-respectful concern for the mortal remains of fish by those tasked with preparing those remains for our meals is, well, not a position on the moral high ground. It’s fishy.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Dave Shaver says:

    Well, along with dead fish, the common house fly now has a firm protector–PETA. How will President Obama explain to us all his cruelty in swatting that poor fly during his interview on the news? That is truly “a fly in the ointment” of his administration. By the way, I have witnessed personally the “fish throwers” and I can assure you that the fish felt no pain.

  2. Andrew Fink says:

    Every day major league baseball trivializes our cattle by hitting the ol’ horsehide. That don’t even give bovines the credit for providing the leather! PETA has work to do all around us.

  3. Joel Glasser says:

    This is the same group (of, in my opinion, people with too much money and time and not enough problems) that wrote to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (officials) and officials of the firm that owns Ben & Jerry’s, and said that using COW’S MILK was cruel 9to th cows) and that they should use MOTHER’S (breast) MILK.

    Even the La Leche League was upset- and this was quietly dropped. Unfortunately, if it became more well known, perhaps people would realize that these people are, well different.

    And/or lacking in common sense.

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  5. Lynell says:

    Yours is a clever way of tihnknig about it.

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