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Ben Vargas wasn’t trying to be the odd man out when he chose to fight for what was right. That’s just how it happened. And he got clobbered for it.

Several years ago, Lieutenant Vargas was the only Hispanic among eighteen mostly white plaintiffs in a reverse discrimination case, Ricci v. DeStefano, just decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2003, 56 members of a New Haven, Connecticut, fire department passed a test for promotion. Fifteen of them were black or Hispanic. When city officials learned that only two of the 15 would be immediately eligible for promotion based on those scores, they threw out the results.

New Haven officials didn’t initially claim the test was unfair. They admitted fearing a lawsuit. But one should think twice — thrice, a thousand times — about acting unjustly in hopes of heading off injustice by others.

After Vargas — one of the two minority test-takers who scored very well — joined a lawsuit against the city, he was shunned by many colleagues. Once even got punched in the face. But he tells the New York Times he has no regrets, considering the kind of world he wants his children to grow up in.

Ben Vargas says, “I want them to have a fair shake, to get a job on their merits and not because they’re Hispanic or they fill a quota.”

Funny, isn’t that what good parents, of all races and ethnicities, want for their children?

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By: Redactor


  1. Joel Glasser says:

    Years ago, qquotas were used to keep minorities out.

    Minorities, in those days, were blacks, Hispanics ( but there were- at least in the northeast- relatively few of those) and Jews.

    To get in ( the presitious colleges, medical and law schools, etc.)) they had to be BETTER AND SCORE HIGHER then anyone else.

    The fight to end quopta was to level the field, not to tilt it in the other direction.

    My 5 cents.

  2. Yelhsa says:

    To think, I was cofnuesd a minute ago.

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