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Want a laugh? To keep you from crying at what President Obama and the Congress are trying to do to health care in this country?

Over the decades, the federal government’s involvement in health care has been making it harder and harder for doctors and patients to make independent, sensible decisions about care.

Many advocates of “reform” deny the destructive consequences of past “reform” and insist that the only way to solve our problems is, in effect, to make them worse: Get government even more involved, tie the bureaucratic noose even tighter around the necks of patients and doctors.

Despite all the problems in the health care industry, we often still get great care because of the freedom that still exists. But what if advocates of Obamacare get their way and government takes over? Well, that’s the scenario satirized in a new two-minute video produced by the Sam Adams Alliance, all about “Health Rations and You.”

It adopts the black-and-white style of a 1950s-era educational film. “Health rationing. What is it? What does it mean for you?” And it’s all about how the Health Administration Bureau will give you nothing but “the best” medical care.

The video is funny. Memorable. Getting a lot of hits on YouTube. And it just might help stop this socialist monster in its tracks. Give it a look-see, and pass it on.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


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  2. Walkshaunt says:

    The real question will be whether the politicians will use the “nationalized” health care for themselves and their families – similar to the politicians who are proponents of spending huge $$s on public schools but send their kids to private schools?

  3. ctmon says:

    Dear Paul Jacob
    The Sam Adams Alliance is a group of conservatives attempting to rope in youthful audiences through using new media tools. It is a dog and pony show funded and sponsored by right wing groups such as Republic Modern. No one in their right mind would trust such ignorant and baseless assumptions, as the ones put forth by the Health Administrations satyric video.
    Let me put it to you this way. The Sam Adams Alliance and their relationship with the “hip” (their word) part of this country, is like the relationship a fake meat salesman has with a butcher.
    We just ain’t gonna take it.
    To think, you get your jollies in the form of fake meat. Your vegetarian and you don’t even know it.

  4. Moses Lambert says:

    Although I found the Health Rationing site amusing, I’d be more impressed if whoever wrote it took some lessons in basic punctuation and grammar. HINT: There is a difference between its and it’s…

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