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I’ve criticized the cash-for-clunkers program; I’ve argued against the notion that government should spend our tax dollars to create jobs.

Now the two come together. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hiring 1,100 people to process the paperwork associated with the clunkers program.

Will these be long-term jobs? Well, sure, just as long as there is a powerful need in our country for processors of ten-page government forms to facilitate the forking over of $4,500-a-pop subsidy payments.

Maybe these United States can lead the world in such work.

Thank goodness the feds so botched up the program it didn’t cost us as much as it could have. Dealers across the country quit the program early, scared Uncle Sam wouldn’t pay back what they had fronted to customers.

Or, at least, not fast enough. Turns out auto dealerships have certain cash-flow concerns that our solons fail to fully appreciate.

Also not appreciated by Congress is the fact that taxpayers will have to hand over their hard-earned money to pay for all these deals. More billions. Money that taxpayers could have put to more productive use.

Our federal government shouldn’t be in the car business. It shouldn’t be in the car finance business, either, much less subsidizing car purchases.

The only productive jobs our current office-holders should create is by stepping down and giving someone else a chance.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. steven sass says:

    Surprise surprise, the clunker program also treats the federal PAYMENTS to individuals a TAXABLE INCOME! Won’t that be a nice eye opener come April 15!

  2. loren anderson says:

    cash for clunkers is taxed as income. the energy rebate for new home windows and insulation is a tax rebate. how is this logical? only our government.

  3. joanio57 says:

    At least Toyota and Honda can appreciate getting our tax dollars…

  4. Joel Glasser says:

    A friend pointed the following out to me (primarily on the Detroit cars- many of which- especially Chrysler-or is that now an Italian co.- with FIAT and the UAW controlling it? – the following.

    MANY CARS DEPRECIATE by several thousand dolalrs, when they are driven off the showroom. And, considering that most people who had “clunkers” and used the program had to get the cars fianced- they might have the equivilent of an upside down car-owe more then it is worth, or owe just about its (used) value PLUS a monthly payment. Say $500 or so monthly. (That is a guesstimate on my part).

    And, as someone wrote in a letter to the Wall Street Journal, these ‘clunkers’ would have been the first car for a new driver-possibly a high school junior or senior, to take to a part time job ( those not priced out by the recent increase in the minimum wage), or a second -“spare’ car (up north, where I come from, used to call them station cars- would take to the commuter train station, and leave all day, then drive home at night).

    But, the members of Congress have their perks, and (I guess) drivers.
    And sincure positions, pensions, etc.

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