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Connecticut used to be one of the go-to places for escaping state income taxes.

But in 1991, Governor Lowell Weicker hatched the novel idea of burdening Connecticut residents with the same direct tax on income with which Americans have been saddled in so many other states. Despite the deep unpopularity of his proposal, Weicker rammed it through. That meant sacrificing any chance at re-election. But he was hailed as a hero by all fans everywhere of government bloat and flattened economies.

The Constitution State has indeed suffered a flatter economy in the years since. The Yankee Institute points out that since 1992, Connecticut businesses have hired no new workers on net. Even as the country added more than 20 million jobs. Over the last decade, Connecticut suffered a net loss of some 113,000 residents. If your tax policies tell productive people to get lost . . . they do.

Connecting the dots between higher taxes and stalled growth may be easy for most graduates of Economics 101. Even most politicians probably grasp the connection. But many just don’t care.

In 1991, residents were told that the income tax burden would never exceed 4.5 percent. But in 2001, it jumped to 5 percent. Now the current governor, Jodi Rell, wants to hike the top rate to 6.5 percent.

What the . . . Rell? Folks aren’t leaving the state fast enough for you?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rick says:

    In order for socialism to work, the bourgeois must be prevented from escaping.

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  3. Joel Glasser says:

    Obama and his people go with the ideas (?-my questionmark) of two French economists (I don’t recall their names) who feel that taxes on the ‘ rich ” should be increased, since the ‘richest X % of the TAX PAYERS make Y 5 ( high amount ) of the TAXABLE income.

    This ignores that in the US, some 35% or so people pay NO TAXES AND/OR GET MONEY BACK.

    (This was in the Wall Street Journal recently-mexcept for the last paragraph, which I have seen in different publications, including different issues of The WSJ)>

  4. lanczos says:

    The libs try this ploy every session of the Texas legislature: “Well, ALL of the *really elite states* have a state income tax…” This is usually followed by, “and the $ is just ROLLING IN to those state treasuries!” Fortunately, our lege has had the good sense to vote down any personal income tax so far.

  5. Joel says:

    To Mr. Lanczoz-
    That reminds me of something my older brother told me.

    Dizzy Dean, a great (baseball) pitcher turned announcer used to say “ain’t”.

    Some people protested.

    Dizzy Dean replied, with something like- there are people who ain’t saying ain’t, who ain’t eating now.

    Same thing- (Fl has the same situation, incidentally) the ‘elite” states have income taxes, and no new net jobs.

    Texas has new jobs, FL has some. ( Would have more if ourt education system was not so bad, and our politicans so corrupt).

  6. So when did State Government ever have any common sense ? The richest take care of themselves by paying 3.2% while the people pay 38% plus state income tax . I had a plan and still do to help Dairy Farmers help themselves forever and Rell and 27 people ignored me. I had a plan for Connecticut get out of the red ink- also ignored. What we need governments state/ fed to do is live within a budget.

  7. I would like to hear from some people at UConn/ Storrs – because I have a plan to help all Connecticut Agriculture/ Farmers / and UConn Dairy/ Agriculture Grads- Put the state of Connecticut on the map.. While addressing every diversification and enhancement of all farms . This would greatly increase the tax revenue structures .

  8. State/ Federal governments would or could help themselves by deportation of illegal immigrants, some 73 million holding down H-1/ H-2 Visa hi tech jobs plus 51 million additional illegal immigrants being imported by Obama/ Congress 125,000 monthly. Who will pay the taxes in the next 20 years when the seniors are gone and wages have been reduced to $3.50 per hour – how the Republican’s like to see wages to workers instead of Auto Workers / United Technologies at $75.00 per hour.

  9. Where do our Representatives think the illegals really are and that as they come here and settle in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia – who really is going to pay everything for their livelihoods – not Weicker – who made himself exempt from state income tax before he rammed it in . It’s always the people who bear the brunt of all required expenses at all levels – not the wealthy – so a flat tax of 35% to everyone would be great- no exceptions on the Federal level- everyone ! And states with Income tax everyone pays their fair share. again everyone including Weicker.

  10. American’s should start getting serious – Force Our Representatives to abide by Our Constitution or remove them office. no exceptions. Then tell them to stop the delays and Stop Amnesty and deport. Pass E- Verify/ Save Act to vacate the H-1 / H-2 Visa Programs illegals hold down and put American’s back to work- we have to remove the garbage in the three houses in Washington – Take our country back.

  11. Is there anyone out there ? No one has any Solutions- on anything. What represents our real economy – no it’s not Wall Street or Banks, or Insurance Companies. or Real Estate .. Like our Representatives – they don’t know either. Ask Mc Cain – he doesn’t know anymore than Obama – or Biden or the Clinton’s or Bush – not one Elite can tell you… not one ! The barometer is Dow Jones – that will tell you the health of Manufacturing in our country. At one time our Industrial Strength was at a huge number- well over 48,000. Today thanks in part of George H.W. Bush / Bill/ Hillary Clinton 1993 Nafta / Free Trade our manufacturing is in the toilet and we are a dumping grounds for China’s and the world’s saturation of all of our markets and the Elites invest in China instead of the USA and what ever happened to U.S. Savings Bonds – Buy American – Look For The Union Label We are heading into a death spiral- a deep depression and only manufacturing can bring us out…..

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