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If a doctor who is supposed to help you get better keeps stabbing you with a knife instead, it may seem beside the point to focus on any particular wound. The whole stabbing process is wrong.

Democrats in Congress have found a way to duplicate this effect. Their evolving medical reform package is prolific in ways to attack our freedom.

But remember: Some stab wounds may slice closer to the heart than others.

If the current majority government has its way, in the new healthcare regime we won’t simply be invited to cooperate. There are huge hunks of coercive power built into their system. Force. Not friendly reminders and advertising enticements.

Take a simple provision of their plan: Individuals who decline to sign up for approved medical insurance will be financially penalized. You might be ordered to forfeit 2.5 percent of your income above a certain level. What happens if you refuse to pay this fine? The IRS could swoop in and seize your assets. Eventually, you could end up in jail.

Today, we don’t have much privacy right when it comes to dealings with the IRS. But at least agents refrain from prying into details of our medical coverage. Under the new regime, though, the tax agency would directly monitor your insurance compliance, and give your tax info to health commissars.

Kind of makes you feel sick, doesn’t it?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Lee says:


  2. Jenny Odeen says:

    You are just like any other republican, gotta put the democrats down whenever you get a chance.

  3. John Kensinger says:

    What makes me sick is people like you that are so opposed to health care reform that you resort to comments like this to frighten people into opposing them too.

    We need reform now.

  4. Lobo Fortmeyer says:

    Jenny…Not half as much as democrats do to republicans….

    John…This type of reform…??? How will you pay for it…and look at the rest of the world who tried it…

    Paul…Read and enjoy your column everyday…but it would be nice when you publicize these type of issues, if a particular reference to the bill could be included. Thanks…….Lobo

  5. Paul Jacob says:

    Jenny — Just like any other Republican? Do we all look alike?

    Only problem is that I’m NOT a Republican. If you read more than a few of my commentaries, I think you’ll agree that I’m an equal opportunity basher of both the beltway Rs AND Ds.

  6. Joel Glasser says:

    This is only one example of Obamacare ( read socialism or worse) of threats with the IRS.
    The bill provides the the IRS can conduct audits of any company ( read small businesses- the engine of growth in this country for the past few decades) at any time, to see if the company has a health plan, and fine them, if not.

    Shouldn’t that be between the employer and employee?

    And, on the topic of jobs, why raise the minimum wage when unemployment is high? To make it higher, so can waste, I mean spend more, on their friends pet projects? ( another topic)

  7. Leigh Lown says:

    Look at the chart. The IRS is the enforcement agency to see that we all sign up for the government insurance, or be fined, our bank accounts opened to do so….it is in the upper left corner of the chart and controls all of the 60+ agency regulations. No one in the press has addressed this draconian plan.

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