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An officially proposed law, set to be voted on next year, would outlaw most home-schooling in Sweden. Government officials in the alleged Scandinavian utopia explain that “there is no need for the law to offer the possibility of homeschooling because of religious or philosophical reasons in the family.”

Yet increasing numbers of Swedes feel otherwise. The Swedish Association for Home Education, called ROHUS, has appealed to the international community for help in what its members regard as a concerted attack on human rights. The proposed law, according to the group, shows off the country’s “worst totalitarian socialist roots.”

I don’t know much about Sweden’s government-run schools. My wife and I home-school our kids here in Virginia. We do this mainly for reasons of security and quality control.

But this is, nevertheless, a philosophic issue.

Surely parents have the right to resist governments’ efforts to control every aspect of their lives, especially the micromanaging of their kids’ education.

Government schools tend to perform poorly. In America, we have witnessed a degradation in standards. Sweden, apparently, isn’t immune to such trends. One English woman married to a Swede fears that the country’s “’no-one should aspire to be better’ mentality” pervades the schools; she insists the “no-grade” system degrades competitive standards.

A reason to home-school, yes. And a reason to defend a philosophic case for the home-school option: That option is a human right.

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  4. Tom says:

    In the US our politicians have managed to steal school choice from many parents. Here in New Jersey where I live, there are many parents who would like to use private schools but cannot afford it because they are forced by threats and intimidation (Sheriff Sale of their houses) to use the government schools.
    If you can force me to purchase an education for your child so that you can send your child to the school of YOUR choice, why can I not force you to pay for my child to go to the school of MY choice?
    Jefferson stated that no law can be just. in fact the laws are arbitrary if they fail to provide a “reciprocation of right”

  5. Rick L says:

    Never say it can’t happen here. In the news today is the home schooling New Hampshire family ordered to put their child in public school.
    Never say never.

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