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Is President Barack Obama trying to echo the paranoid days of the Clintons’ famous “vast right-wing conspiracy” complaint? Obama says that those who oppose the Democrats’ medical reforms are “those who are profiting from the status quo.” Further, he says the opposition is “well-financed.”

Great story, if true.

But the president won’t name names. When asked by Washington Examiner columnist Timothy Carney, the White House declined to name any individual, any group, any organization profiting in the industry now and actively supporting the opposition. Same for Obama’s revamped campaign outfit, Organizing for America. It’s now run by the Democratic National Committee. Carney asked folks there which nefarious profiteer funds against Obama, but they wouldn’t clarify a thing.

Carney went looking in the medical care industry, looking at the companies and organizations with the deepest pockets. Which ones are now spending millions to oppose Obama’s reforms? He found zip. Nada. Bubkes.

The big pharmaceuticals are on board with the Democrats, it turns out. So are the biggest insurance companies.

The president is just blowing smoke. The opponents of his medical industry reforms are not well-financed. They are grassroots and widespread.

The big companies hope that the reforms will consolidate their market-leading positions, protect them from competition. Most big government programs do just that.

The people, on the other hand, have the most to lose from more government.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. voxoreason says:

    We’d see a lot less of Obama on TV if they only broadcast his true statements.

    Usually such an enterprise lasting less than a minute is called a “commercial.” (I’m assuming he doesn’t lie about the names of his children and his dog. Still wouldn’t bet on it, though.)

    Too much “dog bites man” (Obama tells lie). Today, I heard him claim that the insurance companies are “blowing smoke.”

    Joe Wilson’s deadly accurate two-word assessment of Obama’s usual propaganda pales in the comparison with the dems booing Bush at the 2005 State of the Union Address.

    But, being 4 years old, dems have forgotten, perhaps because they think like 4 year olds.

    (No offense intended toward 4 year olds.)

  2. Mark says:

    This is just another example of another lie—but since he’s a Democrat he just misspoke.

  3. Hi,

    Please give me a break. Mr. Stewart barton must think the American people are idiots, if he thinks they are not smart enough to protest if things are not going right.Give things a chance, that is give then a Change!
    Rationing, restrictions, and regulations may not save money, but are we even more concerned about money, than we are our health.
    I am a young over 50 senior citizen . I am concened about not only the rising costs of Health Care, but also the lack of Health Care. But, my most recent concern is the lack of compassion and the unwillingness of some seniors and other Ameicans to change. There are millions of seniors who do not have Health Care or have only Medicare. There are even more millions of people who are infants and children, and young women and men who do not have health care at all.

    Medicare is great if you have the $250.00 co payment for office visits, which sometimes are many depending on which departments you are seeking help from that day of the week. I belong to AARP and it has not been the solution either.
    Gap coverage can be quite expensive no matter who you are insured under, so I think that sooner or later we are going to have to accept Universal Health Care. The medical benefits will not be at risk. The elite priviledged benefits are overrated anyway. When it’s time for you to die you will die.

    It’s time for American’s to stop some of the whining, thumb sucking,
    selfish, bigetous thinking, I am privlidged, I don’t care if other’s have healthcare,it won’t effect me, attitudes. It will effect you. If we don’t have universal healthcare with the pandemics that are coming believe me it will effect you.
    Even if you stay locked in your home and send out the servants, it will effect you because the servants will bring it to you, the delivery person will bring it to you. Face it none of us are exempt from diseases.
    AARP has done nothing for me, I simply like the information they give. I make my choices from them.
    I refer those with limited or non insurance to a program called over 60’s or lifelong care in my senior work. They give excllent care and now they give lifelong care to even people who are not over 50.

    Think about this: If everyone has healthcare we may be able to help our neighbors, or friends, or our employees. Every country has it but the United States. Cuba even has it and are sharing it’s ideas about care with us. Think about that.
    We travelled to Cuba three times in the last two years to find out how we can take better care of our citizens.Prevention! We, who have so much are too selfish to have good healthcare for everyone.

    Change is what we need. If we don’t change we will pay dearly for it in the future. We are a nation of immigrants, and we share all the diseases that immigrants bring in because we don’t have Angel Island, or Ellis Island to help anymore. So, we are getting pandemics and we will continue to get pandemics. Good luck to 60 plus, and others you seek. Prevention is the way! Universal Health Care will have prevention locked in.

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