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Honor amongst thieves. It’s a great literary concept, explored in The Glass Key and Miller’s Crossing. In real life, actual thieves, when organized, can’t go to the police for adjudication. So the old, tribal concept of “honor” often serves.

It sure serves Congress. Mark Twain quipped that “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” Very funny — but you don’t need statistics. All you need is the Constitution and the latest issue of the Congressional Record.

Still, Congress has its honor. Even the lies of any particular politician are not supposed to be called out by another politician. Fellow pols are supposed to say “The Honorable So-and-So surely errs” — not “lies.”

And legislators are certainly not supposed to interrupt a president’s speech before Congress to shout “You lie!” Hear that, Mr. Wilson? How indecent of you! How . . . dishonorable.

But never once in mainstream reporting on Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” challenge did I hear anyone actually address the alleged fact of the challenge: did the president lie?

Well, I don’t like to use that word, but he was talking about health care reform. You could almost blindfold yourself and throw a dart at reform rhetoric and still hit a whopper with each throw.

That people were more disturbed by the outburst than the likelihood of lying says a whole lot about politics today.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Joel Glasser says:

    I have seen (probably) a few hundred emails and posts-at various sites, blasting Wilson.

    But, probably these are the same people who cheered the Iraqi who threw a shoe at President Bush.

    Had Pres. Bush said the same things-or even some of the same things, as Obama, Reid, Peloisi, et al would be all over the speech.

    Obama threatened a school witht he IRS ( to challenge their 501C3 exemption)- nary a word.

    If Bush and/or Chaeny did the same- for weeks on end would be the headlines.

    Obama’s ‘fining” for those who don’t buy insurance- and hsi claim it is not “a tax”- what else is it?

    Where is our freedom of choice?

  2. Gramma4Life says:

    The decorum on the House floor for Obama’s speech was marred by the outburst from Rep. Joe Wilson, so ‘they’ say, but I say–“Good for you, Joe, since you told the truth, and Obama was lying from the moment he opened his mouth.”
    You are correct in your assessment concerning the outburst and the lies being told by the speaker.
    “Arrogant and narcissistic am I,” says Obama!

  3. Cynical Bill says:

    Awww, how awful! A man speaks the truth and calls “you Lie!” and people want to condemn the man just because he said out loud what many say to the TV screen. Where was the outrage when the entire left democrats boo’d and hissed while President Bush was speaking? Where were to rules of “protocal” then?
    “political” correctness is very bad
    for our Nation. We don’t need to dress up the truth.

  4. Mary Bodily says:

    I feel there is nothing wrong with good manners on both sides of “the
    fence” and the quality of honor and integrity which would decree the necessity of telling the truth would be of great help for our nation. Sadly, we hardly know what is truth because there are so many proposals that claim to be the truth yet play to someone’s agenda. I heard today that if every family in the USA paid $29 per month towards health insurance we would need no government health care. Is this the truth? Who knows??

  5. Gary Craven says:

    If he lied he lied (and he did)so what is with all the supposed “political correctness” by not calling him out as a liar?

    Who among the press and pundits are afraid of this or any other administration? And why?

  6. Neal says:

    I respect the Office of the President, as well as any offices and positions of authority. However, that said, I do not have to respect the individual holding that office or position of authority. I do believe that Mr. Wilson was wrong; not in what he said, but where he said it and should apologize.

    I also believe that Mr. Wilson was right about Obama. He is trying to con us into submission on his Obamacare, as well as many other things. All conmen have one thing in common; they have to lie to get anyone to believe the con. So, I guess that makes Obama a liar. Unfortunately, don’t all politicians lie?

  7. politics says:

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