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Courtesy of the Obama administration, we’re experiencing more and more Nixonian moments.

Take medical reform. The health insurers started out in Obama’s camp. But a shuffling of policies and a few insurance companies began making obvious points about how this or that feature would raise costs, not decrease them.

And the Obama administration struck back.

I’ve talked about the Humana gag order, how our bureaucrats in Washington decided to tell insurance companies to shut up about reform proposals. Congress gagged the gaggers.

Then a health insurance association released a study suggesting that the cost of insurance would likely go up under legislation being proposed in Congress. The president retaliated by threatening to take away the industries’ immunity from anti-trust laws.

What? An important policy change, and the president threatens it not to achieve a better outcome, or for constitutional reasons, but merely to punish and thereby silence opposition to his policies? How petty. How dangerous.

On the floor of the Senate, Lamar Alexander advised the Obama administration to play a little less hardball. Alexander warned that by creating an “enemies list,” including people in the media, the White House is heading into Nixon territory.

“An enemies list only denigrates the presidency, and the republic itself.” An old Nixon aide, Senator Alexander should know.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Gramma4Life says:

    It has been evident from the beginning of Obama’s deciding that he could win the D nomination that his arrogance and narcissism would be leading us down a destructive path in America, if he were to be elected president–and here we are!

    He is a puppet of the anti-America marionettist billionaire George Soros, and that is very evident.
    It has taken a billionaire since the beginning of the desire to destroy America as a free country.

  2. Mary Bodily says:

    Ooo, Gramma4life is pretty bitter.
    I am worried in MANY ways about this bill. My biggest worry is that those who have been using the
    current system of going to the county hospital for help (often for sniffels and sneezes) are really going to drive costs up far more. As a senior, my costs under the Obama Plan will go up… not good for us on a fixed income, and I fear the quality of medicine will go down. How will Obama’s plan effect reasearch? Will the pharmcutical companies suffer so much that they cannot continue the wonderful work they now do?

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