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The old guns in the major media marshal their resources as subtly as they can to turn minds their direction, usually leftward. That’s so obvious that I don’t talk about it much.

My regular listeners know that this is not a major obsession of mine. I comment on media bias only now and then. But when a spectacular, or just funny, example comes up, I do have to recognize it, right?

To not comment would be to ignore the wild donkey in the room.

The Associated Press fact checked the new Sarah Palin memoir, Going Rogue, finding a few errors, some self-serving spin. Mrs. Palin provocatively noted that the AP had devoted eleven reporters to attack her book, when they could have been fact checking health care reform costs, for instance.

She got that fact right — the AP did hire eleven “fact-checkers.” In contrast, the AP set not one reporter to check Joe Biden’s book, even after he received the VP slot nomination last year.

Yes, the Palin book merited AP coverage eleven-to-zero over the Biden book.

Liberal bias, anyone?

In the AP’s defense, one could say that Palin is good story . . . Biden? Not so much. True enough. But eleven-to-one better copy?

Well, maybe. But the AP fact-checked her book, and not books by the Clintons or Barack Obama. The press’s Palin obsession looks a little indecent.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Rand says:

    Bias!!?? Whine, whine….Nobody covered Biden’s book and he sold how many? Palin is by far the new comer and as a result, gets the attention…good and bad. This sounds more like human nature…as is your whining about biased coverage.

  2. James ,vze5966h says:

    forthwith as itis and was
    roll out the constitution”s intent as it was writ with laws to make it so or people go to jail.
    yours to modify

  3. John Kensinger says:

    And, this guy actually gets paid to write this stuff……

  4. Joseph E. Miller says:

    The MSM didn’t even bother to fact check Obama’s books when he was running for the nomination or Hillary Clinton’s it takes a village, and then there’s Al Gore’s track on climate change, no fact checking there either. Hum do I hear bias?

  5. Joel Glasser says:

    Also NOT checked were (as noted in the column) by AP (and probably anyone else) were the health care costs. Also not checked (or, if they were, results buried): the penalties-until put over the Internet if en did not buy insurance (fines; jail time; etc), nor was there much checking in “the stimulus” bill (also known as paying back the faithful and wasting money); the AIG debacle; the bailout of Chrysler & GM (and how the dealers forced t close were picked-most were owned by Republican contributors, according to one newspaper); not checked also-were the claims by Obama appointee that she didn’t know that taxes were due on something- while hubby was a judge.

    And the whiners???

    The Democrates- about Rush L., Beck, etc. The LA Times even had someone write that Fox should muzzle him. I guess free speech is only for the Dems and liberals now.

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