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As a candidate, Barack Obama promised that he would not raise taxes on any but the wealthiest Americans. Make less than $250,000 a year? You’re home free under his administration.

I mean, not counting current federal levies.

But President Obama has all the ambitions of a big-spending liberal. And “big-spending” translates pretty quickly into “big-taxing.”

One of these projects is a massive new federal takeover of the health care industry, in the name of “universal coverage.” New taxes would be imposed. For example, anyone who refuses to sign up for health insurance in the new regime would be slammed with a hefty tax.

Obama denies that such taxes would in fact be taxes. He even rebuked George Stephanopoulos for citing a dictionary definition of the word. Leaping to the president’s defense, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer agreed that the new taxes would not be taxes. “[W]hat we are saying,” Hoyer said, “is everybody will contribute . . . to making sure that health care options are available to all of our citizens.”

Try dispute that. It’s like arguing with fog. Columnist Jacob Sullum quotes Hoyer and observes, “So we’re talking about a legally required contribution that will be used to provide a government-arranged benefit. If only there were a shorter way of expressing that concept.”

Well, in searching for le mot juste, don’t tax yourself.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. voxoreason says:

    >>le mot juste

    Excellent word choice.


  2. bruce stark says:

    The Blues must have written this. The
    government option is no different from Medicare. It is only a question of who pays for medical treatment. The insurance companies richly deserve having their wings cut just as the railroads some years back.

  3. Hank says:

    Yeah, and try and get a train ticket for anywhere near what you paid some years back.” But then, if you are only five years old(physically or mentally, doesn’t mattter) I guess you really have no idea what you are talking about.

    I lived those days and these too-I’ll take those anytime, except for the libs Saint Franklin.

  4. James ,vze5966h says:

    Americans for http://www.//
    repeal the sixteenth amendment to
    release congress from the ability to tax
    And let
    do what it does best
    Put money in the hands of the voters where it is needed

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